Level 06 ~ Sheya cont’d

“Ah, well I guess at least I can heal our injuries.” Feanthar looked awkwardly at the heap of bandits laying dazed and battered around Sheya as she slipped her batons back into their holsters.

“Why? Were you hurt?” Sheya glanced back at Feanthar doubtfully. Nothing should’ve gotten anywhere near him, and he’d just stood there during the fight anyway.

Sheya gathered the bandit’s weapons and stowed them to be sold later before stepping down into the cool air of the caves that would lead them to Landis proper. Feanthar picked his way down after her, sparing a glance at the pile of bandits. “You were really good there. I couldn’t even see what you did to the last two.”

“Like I said; I’m the best. You’ll be safe with me.” Sheya drew her cord-and-dagger as they made their way into the caves. Striking the blade against the cave wall caused it to spark into flames. The warmth remained localized on the blade which she held out in front of her. The cord-and-dagger was her only enchanted item, more useful than powerful, but she still prized it. Her batons, Mere and Luna, she’d forged herself and were spiritually bound to her. But the flaming cord-and-dagger was a favorite implement second only to the batons. It had been payment from a wizard whose menagerie had gotten out of hand.

The crystal on Heaven’s Staff lit to a gentle glow that Sheya noticed was better than her dagger provided. Feanthar may be cloistered, but he did have a very natural mastery of miracles that she had to respect.

“You know, I’m kind of glad it’s just the two of us. I mean, we can get to know each other a little and actually be friends, right?” He spoke.

She’d been right in the first place. Feanthar was the talkative type. The caves were dry and cold with periodic bone-blasting winds that screamed through the underground passages. An unusual number of subterranean monsters blocked their progress too. Nothing challenging for Sheya, but a few things she hadn’t seen in years including creatures of living stone she actually didn’t remember the name for. By the time they made camp for the night, Feanthar had demonstrated a very useful array of miracles that made the fights much easier for Sheya, or harder for their enemies, and leapt at the chance to heal a scratch she took when one of the stone creatures dropped from the ceiling and grazed her leg.

Also by the time they made camp, Sheya knew that Feanthar had been taken in by the Church as an infant when his dying mother brought him to the Venyan Nunnery from the wild Viura Mountains on the other side of the Sacred Plateau from the World Forge. His best friend was Henry; his favorite food was ice-cream; Heaven loved everybody; and Feanthar had a tendency to get into trouble though he tried not to. Maybe not so easy a mission after all. As for herself… What had Sheya given up? She talked about her weapons, and her mother. Her mother left when she was 5 and never came back, but she and her father were close and got through it together. She actually kind of regretted sharing that now that she thought about. Because here she was thinking about it again. Her mother said she was looking for her sister, Sheya’s aunt… And like her father said, the only reason she wouldn’t have come back is if she physically couldn’t… So it wasn’t her fault…

Sheya cried herself to sleep that night, for the first time in ten years. Feanthar tossed and turned all night, not used to camping out. So she still woke well before him and was able to clean up and gather the trip wires she’d placed around their camp before breaking out the morning’s rations. And then they were underway again.

As soon as they emerged into Landis proper, they encountered a distraught couple who’d been traveling to the Stellan Temple to beg the Church’s aide. The couple recognized Feanthar’s robes, and explained that their only daughter had been taken by a fell cult. And of course, Feanthar promised to rescue the girl and bring the light to the cult. Not such an easy mission after all, though Feanthar insisted that the Grand High Priest wouldn’t have done any different and it was the Church’s sacred duty to help those in need. So much for inspiring the people to fight for themselves.


3 Responses

  1. Chelsea says:

    It’s good to know that ice cream exists in this world as well.

    • davidludwig says:

      Yeah, in this setting shaved ice (just the ice with flavored syrups) is more common. But it was actually a cleric of the Solanian Order within the Stellan Temple who due to his love of dairy experimented with adding cream to the mixture and eventually developing ice-cream.
      After that ice-cream was something of a gateway drug to religion in a handful of remote villages.

  2. J.T. says:

    I wonder if churches would get more followers if they gave ice cream at each service?

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