Audrey Horera enter broken city. Buildings way too lots big! Used be more big. Is small fires and death everywhere. Stink bad, but less bad than should for all smoke and bodies.

“Where are we?” Audrey look wide eyes.

Horera sniff, cough! No can smell anything! Big big monster move behind distant buildings!

“Bark!” Horerea point, “Bark! Bark!”

“Shh!” Audrey hold finger lips, “Let’s just try to find Nadine!”

“Horera?” Nadine voice weak.

“Nadine!” Horera rush broken building! Dig! “Nadine!”

Audrey come too. Nadine dirty, hurt bad! Horera uncover careful, then think healing potion.

“Arf! No potion?” Horera look Audrey.

Audrey frown, reach in mantle. “I-I can’t make a potion either… Nadine, what happened?”

Nadine cry, too weak raise head, “I failed… We were right here in Metropolis when it attacked, JC, Phillipa and me. And I couldn’t stop it! I tried so hard, but, it was too powerful!”

Crying make coughing make bleeding! Horera try stop bleeding. Audrey eyes tear too.

“This isn’t real, Nadine! This has to still be a dream! Horera and I didn’t use the portals—they’re not even in the garden anymore!”

Nadine weak smile, “Please, you have to use your magic to get back to your worlds, before it finds you… I can’t, I can’t lose you guys too…”

Audrey lips tight, “Okay, but we’re taking you with us.”

Nadine seem unsure. Then eyes wide!

“Look out!” Nadine suddenly on feet, push Horera aside and throw knife at big big monster! “Get out of here! I’ll draw it off!”

Nadine slump against wall, grab bow. Start going back town, lean on wall. Creature creepy howl and spit lots blue fire!

Protego!” Audrey make shield stop flames. “We’re not leaving you, Nadine!”

“Bark! Bark! Bark!” Horera Guisamre-san charge big big monster.

Is so lots big, Horera only size of little toe! All black scaly like big lizard, eyes glow yellow and teeth drip burning stuff! Horera growl, jump on little toe and attack!

Meteoron Miscentur!” Audrey make stars fall on top of big big monster.

Monster scream is hurt! Horera Guisarme-san climb up leg, scratch and bite as climb! Bad feeling come from monster same as from Bad Man! Lots lots bad.

Tears make clear spots on Nadine dirty face. Nadine draw back lit-up arrow.

“This is for my friends, daemon!”









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