Level 07 ~ Vixie

Vixie snarled at the cultists as she backed into the corner, bloody claws brandished like a fierce animal. Infiltrating the cult had gone well enough, but how was she supposed to know there were hundreds of these guys? Cults were supposed to be small fleeting rebellions against the Church. And the Church was supposed to squash them before they got anywhere near this size! She’d slipped through the musty halls silent as a shadow, but even picking off isolated cultists she couldn’t go undetected forever. She’d dropped about twenty of them before they figured out she was there. Not bad.

But now she was cornered and wearing down. She’d taken another twenty in the first wave that assaulted her, but she had cuts and burns aplenty to show for it. With at least fifty bearing down on her, maybe a full half of those spell casters, she was going to have to get serious soon. Breathing heavily, she was constantly being inundated with the wet hot metallic scent of all the blood she’d spilled already, and filthier smells coming up from the cells on the lowest level of the sunken ziggurat where the cult’s sacrifices were being held. She was heady from all the smells wrenching into her mind. It was getting harder for her to hold back, and starting to look like if she wanted to survive she’d have to let loose.

Vixie hissed as she rolled out of the way of magical fire before flinging herself into the thick of the cultists to bring a few more down and hopefully keep the casters from unleashing any more spells. If she did let loose she’d have to be even more careful about not leaving any survivors-a task her beleaguered rational mind was still hoping desperately to avoid. Killing them once was fine, but making sure they were dead just felt wrong—it made her feel bloated.

“Heaven shine your light; show us your judgment!” a voice came from up the stairs leading toward the entrance immediately followed by a blinding light, clap of thunder and a smell like rain.

Ten cultists were disabled by that miracle alone, and Vixie laughed with relief as a blonde woman in silver armor launched into the thick of the cultists Vixie had attracted, twisting and striking with two silver weapons and dropping cultists as easily as Vixie had initially. Of course this woman wasn’t getting hit, even once she had a crowd of brutes focused on her. Vixie consoled herself as she ripped out two more throats that the blonde probably couldn’t dodge magic though. Vixie had all the casters busy.

Then Vixie felt a searing pain in her stomach and smelled some of her lunch coming back up. In the time it took her to look down and see the sword sticking out through her middle, the blonde had breezed past her and took out the thug whose sword was in her gut. She smelled nice, Vixie couldn’t quite place it but it was warm… She was losing it though. If it weren’t for the damn sword she would’ve made it, but now…

“Heaven grant us a miracle of rejuvenation!” Even as Vixie felt the hairs rising on the back of her neck, the sword left her body and suddenly she felt alert, refreshed and all her pain was gone.

Blinking, Vixie found a young man in Church robes crouched over her, his breath was sweet and his sweat healthy. He liked his sweets but worked out enough to indulge in them. “I never thought I’d be so happy to see someone from the Church!” Vixie laughed.

The priest stood up with a relieved expression, “You’re free now, miss. Sheya and I have cleared the way from the entrance. You can escape that way.”

Vixie also stood, as the woman rejoined the priest, “Oh, no! I’m here to shut this cult down! I appreciate the help, but I’m not going until I know the local villages are safe again.”

“Well then you’re welcome to join us!” The priest smiled, the woman didn’t react much and was harder to read. “I’m Feanthar, and this is Sheya. We’re here to rescue the captives of the cult.”

Lavender. Lavender and butter. Sheya used some sort of lotion. It smelled really good. “I’m Vixie Hart, pleasure to meet you!”


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  1. Chelsea says:

    Sheya doesn’t look very happy, lol.

  2. Mari says:

    I’ve gotta say, I love learning about the characters through other character’s posts. The lotion fun-fact was entertaining, yet.. actually kinda enlightening. XD Just wanted to share.

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