Horera wake-not-wake. Dream-not-dream. And something else more hard explain. Is body still in Terra, is mind in dream, is spirit somewhere higher. Spirit hot, is burning. Body is cold, no light. Mind is tired, want sleep. No sleep, mind! Is need do something!

“Are you still saving the world, Horera?” Audrey ask.

Horera nod, “Yap.”

“How’s it going?” Nadine ask.

Horera whine, “Horera no sure! Is maybe doing wrong? Horera forget what supposed do!”

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Audrey put hand Horera shoulder.

Horera blink open still sleepy eyes. Yawn big! Is on bench by pond. Is with friends and blankets. Nice warm blankets. Heavy, just right itchy. Garden lots pretty, colors everywhere. Horera only see little because eyes no full open.

“Are you okay?” Nadine brush Horera bangs.

“Horera got to save Terra,” Horera sit up, put blanket around shoulders.

“From the bad man?” Audrey push glasses up.

Horera shake head, “Arf. Bad Man is beat, but not enough. Have beat fairy council too! Is break foundation of world so can fix.”

Nadine frown, “So… How do you fix the world?”

“Not sure,” Horera scratch ear, “Is touch spirit of world and world reborn through Horera?”

Audrey put finger lips and think, “Is there anyone in Terra that could explain how to do that?”

“Dark Fairy?” Horera cock head, “Is Dark Fairy explain first time. But Horera no get.”

Nadine stand, “Let’s go see Lunaria again, then.”

Horera nod. Stand. So tired! Nadine take Horera hand, guide toward Nadine place past playground. Audrey follow. Horera shuffle, no pick up feet.

“Why are you so tired, Horera? This is a dream.” Audrey worry.

Horera shrug, “Horera no remember.”

Is reach playground bars where Horera get stuck once. Horera so tired! Fall on bars.

“Horera!” Nadine hold so fall slow. “Horera! Are you okay?”

“No sleep,” Horera mumble, “Is need do… something…”

Nadine worry over Horera. Audrey worry too.

“It’s something here, isn’t it?” Audrey ask, “You need to do something here in the dream world.”

Horera nod. That sound right. Roll so back to bars. Look at sun over field where Horera enter dream. Horera remember!










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