World is saved and everybody happy! And Daddy in dream with Horera and Audrey and Nadine! And Nadine Daddy and Audrey Once-Cat. Once-Cat still smell little cat, though now more smell herb smoke. Nadine Daddy have big gun like Horera Daddy, but no have scratchy face like Horera Daddy.

Horera show Daddy field where Horera usually enter dream. Show Daddy big metal doors with maze where key was, and show forest with shambling plant monsters. Daddy says is good. Then all meet center again.

“Horera, what happened to your hair?” Audrey ask.

Horera grab ears, no remember which white now. “Is lots hard move world spirit through Horera. Make white part, but Horera okay!”

“Wow,” Nadine smile. “So we really did it, huh? We all saved our worlds and now Audrey’s free to go home?”

Horera Audrey nod. Once-Cat nod too, and Horera Daddy grin.

“If what you had to go through was anything like what my Nadine did, then you all have a lot to be proud of,” Nadine Daddy smile. “I’m glad you were able to support each other in this world. Even with all the places I’ve been, I’ve never seen a world like this one.”

Once-Cat tug beard, “The existence of this world is so improbable, it becomes possible that it is the only one. I have crossed thousands of planes of existence, and there are characteristics of this dream plane that set it apart even from other dream planes.”

Daddy sit down and wood bench appear in time for sit. “Sounds like you two are pretty well traveled yourselves.”

“Looks like you got used to the dream world quickly,” Audrey impressed.

“I had a good guide,” Daddy scratch Horera between ears.

Nadine Daddy hands pockets, “Now there was a portal tonight, I’ve seen those before, but how did the three of you get here originally—or night after night for that matter? And why?”

Nadine shrug.

“We never really did figure that out for sure,” Audrey shake head.

Once-Cat cross arms in sleeves, frown Nadine and Horera. “The call of destiny. Dream worlds, generally ephemeral in nature, are easily reached and even manifested by unconscious minds. Your minds independently determined you needed to reach this pre-existing dream world and so brought you here when you were sleeping.”

“So this dream is a retreat for Champions,” Daddy grin.

Once-Cat rub hand over eyes, “That could do for a simplified explanation, I suppose.”

Nadine Daddy nod, “Well, Audrey, Horera, thank you for looking out for Nadine while she was here. Even in dreams, having good friends is invaluable.”









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