Arel Wars Strategy Guide

Arel Wars Walkthrough:

This is my walk-through of Gamevil’s tower-defense fantasy game, Arel Wars. You may also be interested in my review of it.

First I highly encourage the play of the Tutorial and Advanced Tutorial on the first two stages regardless of who you’re playing as. It’s good information, and is presented appropriate to character by one of their friends or confidants in a way that fits “in setting”.

Also, I’m not covering those basics here.

Second, I believe in tight management of resources both in and out of game. So my personal recommendation is only spend when the benefit is right, and save whenever you can. This will mean ‘Waiting’ on the Daily Reward until it reaches its maximum Gold value every time. You don’t actually need the Daily Reward to complete the game, so if it’s going to be extra anyway why not get the maximum bonus each time?
On a related note, my guides will not assume you’re playing the file with the bonus Cash for the initial download of the game. I will write into the guide when I feel it is appropriate to spend Cash, and on what, resulting in a bare-bones purchasing scheme that will require no real-world monetary investment on your part—and will not tap into the bonus Cash from initial download if you are playing that file. Obviously you can get additional mileage beyond the guide by expending Cash, though I recommend thinking twice before spending to avoid any potential regrets.

Back to the Daily Reward, every 24 hours Arel Wars will remind you to claim your “Daily Reward”. To do this you need to restart the application, which in my experience means turning your phone off and then back on again (if there’s a better way I’d love to know it). Generally I prefer to do this the night before so when the reminder comes up I can just open the game then. You’ll have the option to “Wait” or “Claim”, and for maximum reward you should always choose “Wait” until after 5 days the reward maxes out and only “Claim” is an option. Then just open the file you want to get the money.

On to the Guides! They’re broken down by storyline, so click on the page links under the Hero whose guide you want to see. (if you have questions not answered in the guides, my contact information is on the About page)

Also note that there have been some great comments by people better at the game than me, so scroll down any given page for possible extra information better than mine.

Vincent: Hume Mercenary Commander, Beginner Friendly, Balanced Units, Specialized in Tower Defense

Helba: Buster Chief, Advanced, Units designed for Melee Rush, Specialized in Melee Combat

Juno: Elven Consul, Advanced, Expensive High Caliber Units, Specialized in Mana Production

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  1. roland says:

    Excelent walkthrough man, it’s very helpful.

  2. Gkj says:

    Amazing guide! Looking forward for the Hume guide.

  3. busters says:

    excellent!! been looking this everywhere.. you just amazing! very very helpful!

  4. galeka says:

    great guide so far….
    need combo guide too, at least how it works… >.<

    • davidludwig says:

      My experience is that Combining Units actually doesn’t work–it’s like Gamevil meant to include it in the game but then forgot to implement it. My advice is throw enough junk units together to get the achievement, then ignore combinations after that–you can get just as good units from replaying past stages with the added bonus of gold and experience.
      Same goes for Item combination.

  5. slayer says:

    Great guide I absolutely love it, about the combinations, the only ones I found useful were ones that used basic units to create an aerial unit in the early stages, especially for Hume as the glider takes ages to show up.

    • davidludwig says:

      Care to post or e-mail what those combos are? I never made any connection between what went in and what came out, but it seems people would be interested in knowing them.

  6. jcc says:

    This is an awesome guide! Kudos for writing this, its super helpful.

  7. darkslayer says:


    Just want to ask what unit can be used to counter big hippo and salamander. I’m having difficulty beating stage 26 of juno. Mana recovers too slow and enemies keep spawning.

    • davidludwig says:

      It sounds like maybe you’re trying to use too expensive units–Dendroids are cheap to produce and properly leveled can be effective all the way to end-game. Mana is the big problem for the Elven, so if it’s giving you trouble try packing a Mana production Skill like Convert Spirit–even if you haven’t leveled it the difference can be appreciable–and of course Mana Springs.
      The Big Hippos are tough to bring down, but not too dangerous. Any sort of blocker like Dendroids or Swordsmen if close to the Hippo’s level can hold them off. Similar story for the Salamanders, though they’re more critical to keep far from your tower–which is why the rapid deployment of Dendroids is so helpful. Then use aerial units like Witches and Griffin Riders to bypass the slog on the ground. Hopefully that helps, but when in doubt my advice is always to try leveling your units up, replay earlier stages for the resources to do so if necessary.

      • darkslayer says:

        Thanks for the tip. I was able to clear this stage with 1 second remaining. Juno’s temptation helped me a lot as well as scouts to rush the enemy tower. I’m now at stage 34 and it’s really hard due to high level enemies. I’m replaying the other stages since I need to level up my units. Thanks again for this guide.

  8. darkslayer says:


    It’s me again. Just want to ask for your tip again. I’m now 1 level away from finishing Juno’s story and I’m having difficulty beating stage 40. The enemies are too strong and high leveled. I’m using level 4 templar, siege golems, phalanx, griffin rider, level 5 trialis, level 3 archmage, wyvern rider, and bishop. My skills are max armageddon, max convert and the other skill that equalizes the HP of units.

    • davidludwig says:

      Yeah, Stage 40 pretty much just sucks. So get ALL of the units you’re using to level 5 is my first bit of advice, it’s a pain but it’s very nearly necessary–and then I notice you don’t have any cheap units you can throw out in that line up. Dendroids are durable and if you’re using Balance can be like throwing out extra health for your good units. Personally I never liked Wyvern Riders because they’re just a little too expensive to be practical, even for Juno. So other than getting your units to higher levels, which I know is a pain but is also pretty much a requirement, I’d say look at whether you can get a less expensive quicker to produce blocker on the ground. I like that your Trialis are level 5, that’s good. I’d say your next priority should probably be getting your Siege Golems there, then maybe your Templars–though the level 3 units really just flat aren’t strong enough.

      I definitely can relate to the pain of this stage though, it took me two weeks of grinding after clearing Stage 39 to get my forces strong enough and get the items I needed, and at the end of that I still only beat the stage, not the mission. So I never got the gold reward with Juno.

      • darkslayer says:

        I see. I’m now replaying lower stages to get some gold. I failed to level up my siege golem to level 5 so goodbye 3.5k gold. Getting gold is too hard in this game.

        Anyway, is dendroid that useful? I know it only cost 10 mana to deploy but behemoth tosses it like a rag doll so I can’t use it well as a blocker. I would also like to ask what are good units to use in this stage as well as skills. Is encourage skill really that good? I’m planning on using it over “balance ” skill.

        • davidludwig says:

          Yeah, I consider failed unit upgrades easily the single worst design feature of Arel Wars and can’t condemn it in strong enough terms. Getting gold isn’t so bad, but it is just hard enough that wasting that much is pretty sickening.

          So I like Dendroid a lot, properly leveled it will survive the hit from the behemoth which means for 10 Mana you’ve got two hits that might not go to one of your more expensive units. Then I love Encourage because the extra damage is okay, but the extra range is a real game changer–especially throwing extra range on your Sagis makes them devastating.
          As I mention in the guide, I consider Siege Golems, Trialis and Casters the three most important units for this stage–Casters are durable and heavy hitters that will target the enemy units you need to be most worried about. Then you need some sort of air control, I used Griffon Riders but really you don’t have any great options there with so much enemy fire.
          From there my personal preference was to finish out with Templars and Sagis for my heavy hitters, Dendroids and Swordsmen for extra blockers.

          My Skills were Encourage, Convert Spirit and Armageddon–all max leveled. Convert Spirit and Armageddon are pretty much required, but I do think Encourage versus Balance would be a matter of play style and which you have developed higher.
          It’s not an easy Stage, so I honestly can’t claim to have a good solution for it.

          • Sir Me says:

            nicw guide
            really helped me
            thanks for the info
            but i would prefer using the swordsmen rather than dendroinds because dendroids fly like birds when faced against behemoths

          • davidludwig says:

            I’m glad it helped you, and thanks for the tip about swordsmen instead of dendroids! Anyone with an alternate–or especially better–strategy than I’ve put forth should share it for the good of the community! I know my methods worked for me, but I would be surprised if many of them were the best way to go about it.

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  11. Gkj says:

    Thanks for updating all again. Can you create a guide for Arel Wars 2? I have no idea which stat and skill to prioritize……

    • davidludwig says:

      I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to do 2, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything out there right now… It only recently became available on iPhone and I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but I’ll make some sort of further comment here once I start and see if I can do another guide.

  12. somenoob says:

    Hi. Do you know how to make custom battles work on Arel Wars?

    • davidludwig says:

      I’ve never used the Custom Battle feature, that would be for if you have a friend who also has the game that you were hoping to play against even though neither of you get anything for it. How it works is that you enter the ID of the player you want to play against and the computer provides a match for you–the ID being the player’s game name shown under ID on the rankings on the main page, or as their name when selecting a PvP opponent. For example, in Arel Wars I’m Radouigi if anyone wants to stomp on my feeble force.
      Feel free to post IDs here if you think you could get an interesting match that way, though my guess is their Facebook page would be a better place to fish for competition.

  13. mhultqui says:

    Thanks for the guide. It’s really helpful to have all the information in one place. As for your question, on iOS products, you can close the app by pressing the home button twice quickly, then pressing the red minus sign on Arel Wars. Then you click the Arel Wars app icon to restart it.

  14. Gkj says:

    Good luck on it 🙂

  15. Bug says:

    Am wondering whether we will repeat the new game+ again after finishing the hard mode again? Because I am stuck on the last stage and a bit reluctant on spending the leftover cash.

  16. renz says:


    • davidludwig says:

      It’s been a long time now since I’ve played Arel Wars, but I don’t know what the “Infinite Mode” you’re talking about is–and to my knowledge there is no way to get Buster units unless you’re playing as Helba (or Elven unless playing as Juno, Hume unless playing as Vincent).

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