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Niar Saga

The four POV Characters of Niar Saga; Sheya Dinah, Feanthar Orphan, Vixie Hart, and in the background Andrew Banisher

Like Earth, Niar is a round world, though much smaller. The northern continent is Yore, the southern Asla.

Commemorative of the original miracle worker, and first bearer of Heaven's Staff.

The most powerful artifact on the continent of Yore comes into a novice's hands.

Commander of the Northlander Mercenaries, Yoeseph is an experienced and effective soldier.

Yoeseph and Sheya look out for each other, and trust one another's skill in battle.

Wielding arcane power instead of divine, these death cultist nonetheless believe their master is guiding them.

Vixie believes that doing the right thing pays off in the end.

Woven from the corpses and trapped souls of innocent victims, demon craft is often abhorrent.

Each enemy defeated only sees Andrew continue on his quest against evil.

3 Responses

  1. Mari says:

    Gute Idee, I like your site having a gallery.

    I’m interested in doing fan art. :3 World peace can’t even begin to start without doodles of chibi Vixie eating fish and other things.

    • davidludwig says:

      I would love fan-art, and you have the advantage there of already having my e-mail so I don’t need to put it up for the whole internet to see just yet. I am hoping to get dedicated contact information for the site so that I can separate that from my personal e-mail, but am still exploring the best option for doing that at the moment.
      So if you get any you can get your own page for your submissions, is how I’m currently intending to handle it, and if you have links or info you’d like me to put on that page I’d be happy to do so. Particularly love the idea of chibi-Vixie.

  2. Mari says:

    I do like the commentary with the pictures. Some of it is poetic, too.

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