Vincent 31-40

Stage 31: Unveiled Secret

With stronger Bombers and Hunters and the addition of Interceptors to guard their Bombers the Proxies think they’ll give you more of a challenge this time. Let’s disappoint them. Your quest is tower defense, so you don’t have to hold anything back and a decisive win is best anyway.

Interceptors are still your go-to air unit, though you can back them up with Gliders if you think they need the support, and Cavalry are still your primary answer to Hunters, while your own Hunters can fill in for Cavalry or Interceptors. You’ve got some free rein in troop selection beyond the same essentials as last time, though while you start with more Mana than you have been you may still be best served by quick low cost units. Enemy Interceptors push hard in the air lane, which may be a problem, but as long as you respond with your own Interceptors and Hunters it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Keeping Vincent in the tower with a tower defense Skill or two can be great insurance however—after his initial rush to deliver his field Skill if you packed one of those.

For completely humiliating the Proxies and destroying their tower with no damage on yours you gain another 100 Cash—only three hundred more to go before all slots are unlocked.

Stage 32: To Free Gear

Pursuing Caesar, the bad king and evil Proxie, you return to Free Gear only to be met with Infantry Officers, Bombers, Interceptors, Spearmen and Medics—of course your own units should be higher level so the enemy isn’t as imposing as they could have been. Your quest is to clear the stage in five minutes.

Enemy Infantry Officers push hard, but if you deploy fast and don’t let up you should have time to spare. You still want Interceptors to hold the sky, while Shielders can be useful for keeping the progress you make on the ground. Medics can keep your units on their feet, while Spearmen and Infantry Officers are well able to push back against their counterparts, and Hunters are still practically a must for their versatility, power and economy. That still leaves you a couple slots to play with.

Vincent and his Skills can be key to maintaining an offensive in this stage, and while the enemy won’t make it easy for you to punch through if you keep at it and watch for the line they leave most vulnerable you should clear with time to spare. For your speed you gain an extra Skill Point. Save it or invest it as you see fit, you probably already have a favorite Skill you always pack at this point and could go ahead and max that one out.

Stage 33: Defeat the Guards

You know you’re getting closer to the castle because the enemy is getting stronger. Gun Cavalry, Shielders, Medics, Bombers and Interceptors—some as high as level 4—block your way to Caesar. Your mission is tower defense.

You can try your own Interceptor/Bomber combination for this stage if you haven’t yet—there’s a reason the enemy likes it so much. Your strategy here will be similar to last stage, but remember that the best way to defeat Gun Cavalry—other than carpet bombing them from the sky—is to pin them against their tower. High defense units like Riders and especially Shielders and Infantry Officers are best equipped to push back the enemy tide on the ground—especially if you keep them healthy with Medics.

Keep solid presence on each line and use Vincent’s Skills to control the enemy population. A quick win is unlikely, but that gives you time to build up and eventually you should punch through. For keeping your tower safe while winning the stage you gain the 100 Cash you need to unlock your final Skill slot—only the second Item slot to go.

Stage 34: Aerial Attacks

Nothing but Interceptors and Bombers guarding the airspace around the castle—which means the ground is wide open aside from the shower of bombs. With an objective of tower defense however you need to make sure to keep the numerous and pushy enemy fliers away from your tower.

Interceptors and Gliders can hold the enemy off your tower, especially with pinch support from Vincent’s tower defense Skills, while Hunters and your fastest moving units rush the enemy tower on the ground—though eventually the bombs falling from the sky get too thick for any unit less than the Infantry Officer to get through. If the fight drags out and isn’t going your way, this is a good stage to pack the Battleship as the ace up your sleeve.

Keep building Mana and if the first Battleship you field doesn’t turn the tide for you maybe the second will—it shouldn’t take many, especially with continued deployment of Interceptors to guard them. For keeping your tower pristine you gain another Skill Point to spend or save as you see fit.

Stage 35: Showdown

At last it is time to face Caesar himself, who like Rogan will tend to stay in his tower but makes taking said tower immensely difficult. His units include Battleships, Cavalry, Hunters, Thieves, Medics, Shielders, Bombers and Interceptors. Your quest, as you may soon get tired of hearing, is tower defense—so keep Caesar’s forces away.

Caesar starts with a lot more Mana than you and has some mean units, so this may very well be the first stage where you max out Mana, Population and a full 3 Attack/Defense upgrades. Interceptors are enough to keep the air busy here, but they will not punch through Caesar’s Battleships—in all likelihood you will need to save up for and eventually deploy your own Battleships to finally turn the tide to victory. I like to use a wall of Shielders to keep the enemy at bay, with Artillery and Hunters behind punishing enemies who draw too close—and Medics keeping the whole operation running. The Infantry Officer is another solid choice for this battle thanks to his raw combat prowess.

You can pack a full 3 Skills by now, so you don’t have to choose between tower defense and field, though Vincent’s tower defense Skills are easily his best. You can’t let the enemy hit your tower, but a properly leveled tower defense Skill has the range to punish enemies before they’ve actually reached your tower—and you should have the Skill Points by now to have picked and developed a tower defense Skill that suited your style. If things start getting rough lay off on troop production for a more concentrated burst, let the enemy get within range of your tower defense Skill, then deploy and blow them away all at once.

If you need an Item for this stage, a Mana Spring will help you get to your first Mana upgrade quickly, or any attack Item—but especially Meteors—can buy you a breather when you’re badly pressed or open the hole you need to rush.

For holding Caesar’s forces away from your tower and bringing the fiend to justice the penultimate 100 Cash is yours.

Stage 36: To the Forgotten Isle

So the Marching Mercenaries have wrapped up their storyline a little ahead of their Buster or Elven counterparts, so you get a funny little stage where a bunch of Elven attack you while you’re camping out. Wyvern Riders, badass Scouts, Arbalests, Phalanxs, Witches, Swordmasters, Griffon Riders, and Bishops are your enemies on this stage. And unoriginally, your mission is once again tower defense.

You start with a nice full 100 Mana, which being the Mana hog that I am I like to use for an immediate Mana Upgrade. Then you may get into the tricky part of tower defense against Wyvern Riders—they can spoil it with a shot clear across the stage if you don’t give them a closer target. I like Riders for their offensive power and durability for riding out and keeping the fight away from your tower, though throw-away Cavalry can also do the trick. After that this stage will likely play an awful lot like the last one but against Elven instead of fellow Hume—also potentially a little easier without as many high level enemies.

For keeping your tower safe yet again, another Skill Point is yours. You likely know what most if not all of Vincent’s Skills are at this point and can maybe even guess how many more Skill Points are coming your way, so at this point you finally no longer need to save Skill Points for later. If you know what you like, there’s no better time to get good at it.

Stage 37: Ambusher in the Ice Land

Now you’ve reached the end-game. The final four missions that are essentially the same regardless of which faction you’re playing. Of course, how you handle those missions is different depending on your faction’s strengths. This stage throws you up against level 4 Behemoths, Rhinos, Big Hippos, Werewolves, Piglings, Templars, Scouts and Riders. The Proxies have finally done the unthinkable and included Elven, Hume and Buster units all in the same battle group—and they’re built to take ground and hold it.

Your Quest is, of course, Tower Defense. If you can stop the enemies’ initial rush it should be a slow and steady build up toward victory—but those Templars and especially Behemoths are tough customers. The air is clear for carpet bombing here, so it’s not a bad idea to bring your Bombers to help keep the situation on the ground under control. A Shielder wall with Artillery, Hunters and Medics behind it can be great for staving off the enemy rush, and Infantry Officers can help you actually take ground back. Yet again the Battleship makes a good ace up your sleeve for the late game.

The enemy is strong, so you’ll want to use Vincent’s Skills aggressively and maybe even pack an Item to give you a boost. If you still have trouble this might not be a bad time to get your units to level 4.

For stopping the enemy ambush before it reached your tower and then shoving them back through theirs the final 100 Cash is now yours. Go unlock that second Item slot and know you’re ready for anything.

Stage 38: Through a Shower of Arrows

The enemy’s level 4 and the tri-faction theme this time is ranged strikers instead of melee strikers—Sagis, Arbalests, Slingers, Gun Cavalry, Artillery, Hunters and Foxbows… Plus Behemoths for some odd reason. The Behmoths really put a damper on the all-out rush that would normally be the solution to so many archers, and the sky is a deadly place to be.

The Behemoths pretty well mess up this stage, what should be a simple rush can easily turn into a push-and-pull stalemate—but one you are fortuitously able to win. You’ll need your usual wall to stop the Behemoths, and then after that your interest will be in ground troops who can deal with thick crowds of ranged attackers. I found Riders and Infantry Officers especially useful for this, and Gun Cavalry can also come in handy thanks to their attack and recoil pattern that can keep them near your Medics. The only aerial unit worth bringing to this stage is the durable Battleship—unless you’re planning on flying decoys to take the heat off your ground units.

Vincent’s Skills will be key to winning this one—look for places where you can punch through with his field Skills. If you’re having trouble holding a line, consider letting the enemy get in range of one of Vincent’s tower defense Skills—though mind that they don’t get a shot at your tower in the process. The low defense of the archer type units means any attack Item including Arrow Shower can help you out here, and in a pinch you could even pack two such Items—or any other Item you like for that matter.

Your prize for overrunning the enemy archers in spite of their Behemoths and keeping your tower safe is 4,000 Gold—good for catching up on Unit upgrades if you’re behind.

Stage 39: Real Elite

The Proxies are fielding max leveled Scouts, Cavalry, Shorthairs, Dendroids, Panzers, Minotas, Hunters and Foxbows. It’s all about deploying cheap effective units in a continuous stream.

You’ll want your less expensive units at level 5 at least for this stage—level 7 is even better. For Panzers and Hunters this is cool because they’re pretty useful still anyway. For Cavalry and especially Infantry this may feel like a bit of a waste, but do what you gotta do to win.

Starting with 0 of 10 Mana is absolutely unacceptable this late in the game. Fortunately it’s something even a Small Mana Spring can fix (though bigger is better). You need to power through a couple Mana Upgrades and the only way to do that in a timely fashion is with the Mana Spring. Use Cavalry to rush enemy Hunters and Foxbows, block everything else with Panzers. You’ll probably throw out a lot of Infantry this stage too, just to buy time, and Hunters are your most cost effective offensive unit. After enough Mana Upgrades you’ll start being able to play Shielders however, and they’re the ones that can really turn this around for you. Outclass the enemy with Shielders while continuing to flood the field with your cheapest units.

Thanks to your initial Mana Spring you should be able to eventually build up comfortably. Use Vincent’s Skills aggressively and you can win this one with no damage to your tower. For your trouble another Skill Point is yours.

Stage 40: Resurrection Tower

Manos, the head Proxie, is commanding up the final force. His level 5 Battleships, Shielders, Artillery, Siege Golems, Sagis, Bishops, Behemoths and Werewolves are a nightmare force—and of course you need to clear the stage with your tower unscathed yet again. Bring your A-Team for this mission, and make sure they’re all level 5 at least (though higher is better).

Your starting Mana cap isn’t bad for this one, but you starting with zero of it is no way to go into the final battle. A Large Mana Spring is pretty much a must-have, after that I like Meteors to reduce enemy ranks if they start getting too populous. Definitely bring your Shielders, Medics, and Infantry Officers to wage the ground war—and your own Battleships will likely be the best counter to Manos’. Interceptors are also useful to protect your Battleships—after that you’ve got some leeway, but go in thinking you’ll have a lot of Mana to work with before it’s over and very powerful enemies.

In fact, you will likely have the time and resources to max everything from Mana to Population to Attack/Defense—just remember to open immediately with your Large Mana Spring, use Vincent’s Skills aggressively, and pull out your second Item when you need it.

The Item, Skill and Unit usage you’ve learned to this point will all contribute to your success in this stage. If you need to go back and pick up additional Items, Gold or Experience from replaying earlier stages there’ll be no better time.

You should beat back Manos’ forces without your tower taking any damage and win a nice 5000 gold that you will be putting toward the extra expensive upgrade of your very own x2 units in Hard Mode. Even if your tower takes damage though, once you finish this fight you get the ending cutscene and then the game kicks you right over to a New Game+ in Hard Mode—so make sure you don’t beat this last stage until you’re done with Normal.

Hard Mode:

A better term would be, I think, New Game+. You get to carry your levels, Units, Gold and Cash forward into a new play-through from the beginning (sans story, which made me sad). The same strategies work for the same challenges over again (it’s what I used as refresher to write this guide), but this time when the challenge prize is a Unit, you get the x2 version instead without having to pay any Cash for them! So hopefully you didn’t pay Cash for any x2 Units, now that you know you can get them free.





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    Hey david. I pretty much breezed through all of the last levels except for level 40. I tried pushing through with shielders gun cavalry and riders but the battleships forced me back. I also tried artillery but it just prevented them from rushing me as fast. I tried combatting the battleships with my own but their sagis DEMOLISHED the battleships and no amount of skills would change how many bishops and sagis were hidden behind seige golems. Mana and respawn delay isnt a problem but having a population limit sucks and is the reason I get into a stalemate. In the end I just quit but I don’t lose.

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