Vincent’s Skills

    • Active Skill Break Down:
      • Repair: “Repair your tower to restore its HP.”
        • Pretty much an amazing last-ditch, pull your tower back from the brink recovery Tower Defense Skill. Quite effective, but with so many stages where you don’t want your Tower to get damaged at all it seems a little moot.
      • Shuriken: “Throw a giant shuriken that pushes an enemy backward with a shock wave.”
        • Great for driving multiple enemies back  as it levels, and eventually destroying a long line of them or at least throwing them way back.
        • One of the three Active Skills I maxed for Vincent.
      • Bomb: “Throw a bomb that pushes enemies backward with damage.”
        • Exhibit A in Vincent’s awesome Tower Defense  Arsenal. Properly leveled it can destroy enemies en masse, or at the very least shove them all the way back to their end of the battlefield and away from your tower.
      • Poison Mist: “Create a poisonous mist that inflicts damage on all surrounding enemies.”
        • An excellent Field Skill for when the enemy is stuck in place—whether because you’ve pinned them or because they’re ranged units trying to keep their distance. Also damages the enemy tower if it’s in range. Best against low Defense units.
      • Smoke: “Create smoke in front of your tower to incapacitate the enemy.”
        • It can buy you a little time where the enemy keeps coming but can’t attack. Useful, but not exactly Vincent’s best Tower Defense Skill.
      • Defensive Stance: “Command your soldiers to take a defensive stance.”
        • If you like having tanky units that just won’t die you’ll probably like this Skill. Requires significant leveling to make a difference against strong enemies, but makes your blockers tougher and lets everyone shrug off the weaker enemies.
      • Lightning: “Drop lightning to inflict damage to the entire enemy.”
        • This Tower Defense Skill is absolutely devastating. Lacking the push of Bomb, Lighting makes it up in raw damage. You can kill enemy Heroes with this Skill once it’s leveled, even if they’re halfway across the battlefield.
        • One of three Active Skills I maxed.
      • Lotus Blizzard: “Throw a flurry of blades.”
        • Not a lot of damage, but Vincent’s only Field Skill that hits all three lines of battle (both ground and air). If properly leveled it can devastate low defense enemies.
        • The last of three Active Skills I maxed, mostly for personal stylistic preference.
    • Passive Skill Break Down:
      • Snatch: “Use your hero to kill an enemy and steal mana. The higher the Skill is, the more mana stolen.”
        • A beautiful, and as Vincent becomes stronger effective, means of Mana generation. It doesn’t take many levels of this to make a real difference when Vincent is killing swarms of enemies; so just imagine what it does at its highest levels.
      • HP Up: “Increase your hero’s Max HP.”
        • This happens every level anyway, and at a bonus of only 200 HP it’s questionable whether you’ll get much use from this Skill. Still, Vincent is a fighter and every little point helps.
      • Shuriken: “Increases your hero’s Long-ranged Attack Strength, even while defending the tower.”
        • This doesn’t help Vincent’s knife attacks, but given that he tries to maintain shuriken range unless the enemy forces melee this is a very powerful Skill. Perfect for if you want Vincent to be able to dish it out. Not to be confused with Vincent’s Active Skill of the same name.
      • Defend Tower: “Attack with shurikens while in the tower. Increase this skill’s Level to increase Attack Speed.”
        • A very powerful Skill if Vincent spends a lot of his time in your Tower. Practically useless if he spends his time out on the field. So it becomes a question of play style.
      • Dispatch: “Reduce your hero’s Re-dispatch and Respawn Delays.”
        • Who needs HP when you can just come back from the dead quickly? Also synchronizes nicely with the fact that Vincent needs to duck back to the tower to reload his Skills anyway.
      • Dodge: “Create a chance of evading the enemy’s attack.”
        • And as you level it up it just gets better and better, cooler and cooler. A trademark Vincent Skill as he’s the only unit in the game capable of dodging attacks at all.
        • A great Skill to max both for style and survivability on the field.
      • Assassinate: “Create a chance of finishing an enemy with one hit.”
        • Another trademark Vincent Skill, as he’s technically the only unit who is capable of inflicting death instead of damage. High defense doesn’t protect against this highly rewarding technique. Best used if Vincent ends up in melee regularly since it only applies to the third strike of his melee attack sequence.
      • Build Tower: “Increase your tower’s Defense.”
        • Vincent opened with Repair and closes with Build Tower—two Skills that look good on paper but both only apply after you’ve failed the ever-present Tower Defense objective. Even without Tower Defense, armor for your tower (however good it is) feels like the wrong side of ‘the best defense is a good offense.’





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    4 Responses

    1. Iece says:

      I maxed out poison mist second bec of its range. You can cast it to ab enemy who has just been field after fielding vincent very helpful for easily killing low hp suishies or just damaging before the actual melee

    2. Magically ~ says:

      I’ve tried the “Poison Mist”, However, it also seems to damage your friendly units, when at range.

    3. bossbuster says:

      I prefer bomb than blizzard lotus cuz its abillity to make some time and finish the ‘tier defense’ mission

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