Level 08 ~ Andrew cont’d

They had time to close the doors to the King’s chamber while Andrew sized up the eight knights watching him. No way was he waiting any longer! Putting Banisher on his back, Andrew lowered his shoulder and pushed through the knights in his way, throwing them off balance and to the ground before smashing through the King’s chamber door even as the other knights filled in behind him.

“…believe demons are coming to make an assassination attempt…” The kid was cut off as Andrew smashed through the door.

King Cortez was a dignified man with neat mustache and royal green cloak and vestments embroidered with gold and an elegant rapier hanging at his side. To the King’s right was a pale woman with misty violet eyes, long white hair and a light blue dress. The King, pale-woman, kid and his crew, and the three knights all looked shocked at Andrew’s entrance. Andrew however was staring at the kid.

“How did you know about that?” Andrew watched the kid seriously, lifting Banisher from its hanger to deflect any attacks at his back by the knights filling in behind him.

The blonde had already drawn her weapons and stepped between the kid and Andrew. The kid however seemed confused but not nearly as scared as he should be. “We, fought a demon that said something to that effect before launching pieces of its body off.”

Andrew’s left eye began glowing brilliantly as he cursed, “Damn it! Don’t you realize that means they’re already here?!”

Andrew saw through the three knights’ disguises an instant before they reverted to their true demonic forms. Oracle had been reacting to them, but stupidly Andrew had been paying more attention to the kid and his entourage. Andrew lunged in and with a powerful overhead sweep blocked the demons from reaching King Cortez. Cortez for his part interestingly had moved protectively between the white-haired-woman and the demons, drawing his rapier.

“Damn! This is a job for Demon Hunters, not us!” The blonde cursed as she stepped between the bishop and the demons.

As the eight knights from the hall moved in to engage the demons Andrew grinned darkly, “That’s why I’m here.”

The knights were horribly out matched by the Demon Soldiers. The Demon Soldiers had massive partially melted figures and wielded two-bladed rusty spears forged of abyssal iron. With the knights forming a living wall between the demons and the King, the demons were now settling in for an actual fight instead of a simple assassination. Andrew squared off against one of the demons, while another went after the bishop and his entourage, and the third demon engaged the eight knights who were supposed to watch Andrew. The pale-woman fell back near one of the chamber windows and appeared to be praying, with King Cortez still focused on protecting her.

Taking Oracle from around his neck and setting it into Banisher’s hilt, Andrew charged his sword with holy power and swept for the Demon Soldier. It blocked with its spear, but then Andrew hadn’t expected the Soldier to go down as easily as a quasit. Glancing at the others to make sure the overall situation was under control, Andrew noted that the harlot had claws and apparently knew how to use them—though neither the harlot nor the blonde’s weapons were doing much to the Demon Soldier they were fighting, bronze and silver respectively. With support from the bishop they were making very slow headway and staying healthy themselves. The knights on the other hand had just lost their second man and were beginning to panic in the face of what seemed to them an unstoppable enemy.

“There are three ways to kill a demon!” Andrew shouted to the others as he cleaved his opponent’s spear in two. “Hit them with holy power;” holy energy flamed over Banisher’s blade as he cut off the arm of the Demon Solider when it lunged at him. “Hit them with cold iron weapons;” Andrew plunged Banisher clear through the Demon Soldier fighting him. “Or hit them with overwhelming force!”

Twisting Banisher inside the Demon, Andrew destroyed it completely and its essence was absorbed into Oracle. “Personally, I like to use all three.”

The blonde’s eyes narrowed seriously and she shouted back to the bishop, “Feanthar! Can you bless our weapons?”

Nodding, the kid raised Heavens Staff with a prayer, “Heaven, bless us all!” Andrew could feel the power of the blessing course through him and the entire room, apparently the kid was no slouch with the miracles. Another smiting miracle and the suddenly holy weapons of the blonde and the harlot made short work of their soldier.

The knights were only doing slightly better now that they could hurt the thing though. They’d already been demoralized. Andrew turned his attention there. As another two knights dropped, King Cortez himself stepped in, dodging the Demon Soldier’s lunge and plunging his rapier through the Demon’s chest.

“Cold iron.” The King locked eyes with the Demon contemptuously. Wounded, but not finished, the demon back-handed Cortez, knocking him to the ground. Andrew stepped in and cleaved the Demon Soldier in half. Oracle absorbed the essences of the other two demons.


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  1. Mari says:

    I like how your descriptive language changes between characters. I can definitely imagine Andrew feeling like he has to chase after/take care of a bunch of kids, regardless of prestige/demeanor/skill.

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