Level 09 ~ Feanthar

Lady Azalea, the companion of King Cortez, was a much more powerful miracle worker than Feanthar. With barely a whisper she was able to heal all of the surviving knights and the king of all injuries. Feanthar struggled to heal two people with a single miracle. The weird thing was that she didn’t seem to pray to heaven for her miracles, instead she almost seemed to produce them from within herself… Or those she was healing? It was hard to explain, but somehow Feanthar knew her power was different than his. Still clearly miracle, not magic; magic couldn’t heal like that… And her voice. Living up on the Sacred Plateau, Feanthar had never heard a forest breeze until the trip to Cair Noren with Sheya and Vixie, but somehow Lady Azalea’s voice reminded him of that gentle omnipresence he’d heard in the woods on their way here.

“I was very fortunate you all came when you did.” King Cortez addressed Feanthar, Andrew, Sheya, and Vixie. It was night now, and the four of them were alone with King Cortez and Lady Azalea.

Feanthar nodded to the king. Not sure what to say now that the danger was passed, he looked to the others. Sheya was silent, as usual. Especially since Vixie had joined them Sheya had been so mechanical, like her contract to protect him and the staff was the only thing she thought about. Vixie in contrast had been utterly vivacious on the whole trip here, regaling them with stories she’d picked up in her travels and encouraging them to try the strangest foods in the inns along the way. But tonight Vixie seemed subdued as well, distracted even, covered by her cloak and leaning against the window frame looking out into the dark of the moonless night. Fortunately Andrew, the tough Demon Hunter who’d done at least as much as the rest of them together to save the king, did have something to say.

“Is there any reason the demons would have chosen now to attack you?”

King Cortez smoothed his mustache thoughtfully before responding in his level, regal tone. Feanthar could definitely imagine how this man who spoke from his gut could command an entire kingdom. “Yes, and that is part of why I say it was fortunate you came when you did.”

The king glanced back at Lady Azalea, who stepped up and allowed him to take her hand before he resumed speaking. “Lady Azalea has had a vision, of a darkness mustering in the ruins of old Kakarus.”

Feanthar could hear the grind of metal as Andrew clenched his armored fists, even Sheya shifted uncomfortably. This story was going to involve more demons, and perhaps…

“You must know, better than most, that the physical appearance of a previously unknown god of Evil and Death was responsible for The Fall of Kakarus twelve years ago.” The king observed Andrew’s jaw clench but, as that was the extent of the reaction, King Cortez continued, “The fiend appeared in the heart of your most sacred site and unleashed his foul armies to completely destroy our sister kingdom on Asla. And I fear twelve years uneasy peace is more than we could have asked for. This abomination means to finish what he started on Asla and has turned his eye to Landis. Already his minions are infiltrating our kingdom.”

Feanthar clutched Heaven’s Staff and looked earnestly at King Cortez, “There must be something we can do!”

King Cortez nodded with an appreciative smile to Feanthar, “There is. I have a task for the four of you if you’ll accept it.”


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