Level 11 ~ Vixie

Balancing on her fingertips with her body perfectly vertical, Vixie made her way through the tree-branches with her eyes closed. The dry woody scent of the tree always gave out just before the end of the branch, and part of the fun was flinging herself through the air and seeing if she could find another branch before losing too much altitude. Actually not too hard in a forest. And these new claws were amazing!

The dwarves had helped them all out, of course… Even Feanthar got these cool bracers. Andrew got some sweet new armor, even if it turned out that, like Heaven’s Staff, Andrew’s sword was a fully fledged relic and therefore beyond the capacity for even the dwarves to top. Sheya was bonded to her weapons, which sounded weird to Vixie, but man… When the dwarves said they’d let Sheya use their forge and show her how to add cold-iron guards to her batons so they upgraded to ‘sword-breakers’; It was the only time Vixie had ever really seen Sheya excited. Sheya really needed to loosen up more, though it was nice that she was so dependable in combat.

Then Vixie’s new claws—cold iron of course—named Heart and Ghost. Would’ve been Spirit, but the whole five-letters five-claws thing. Something about the forge made them inherently magical, even though cold-iron resisted magic. They were sturdier than her previous claws, and yet felt more natural too. The other change was now she was wearing cloth wraps instead of her bodice, which had been destroyed by the dragon’s fire. She’d gotten unlucky when her foot stuck in the fight, but then lucky afterward when she was able to bite back the pain long enough for Feanthar to heal her… Maybe it meant she could finally go home when this was over. Ironically they were on their way up the Viura Mountains via the Lost Dragon’s Pass now. After they reported back to King Cortez, who’d hired some Northlanders to reinforce his army, they were told that their next mission would be to charter a ship from Heathhill on the other side of the Viura Mountains and sneak into Kakarus the back way to strike at Letemra himself while the armies clashed. That’s right, they were going to be the ones personally taking on the evil god in person. It was the most excitement Vixie was likely to ever have in her life, and of course Andrew was in for his whole “I’m a dark and driven Demon Hunter” thing, and Feanthar for his “Let’s help the world” bit. And then, as with the dragon, Sheya just didn’t get a say in it.

“Trouble ahead.” Andrew’s voice came up from below.

Vixie opened her eyes and dropped from the branch she was on, twisting and rolling through several others until she popped up next to the others. It was evening and they were coming into the first night of the full moon, so she was in pretty good spirits. Some trouble could be fun.

Holding up Oracle for the others to see, Andrew revealed a shadowed and bestial form. “Lycanthropes. A pack of them, haunting the pass.”

Vixie stopped short, but the way Feanthar clutched Heaven’s Staff he looked like his life was flashing before his eyes.

“You okay?” Sheya put a hand on Feanthar’s shoulder.

Feanthar nodded, trembling, and Vixie could smell his fear, “Yeah. Just a little scared of werewolves is all…”

Sheya shook her head, but didn’t let go of Feanthar, “You stick close to me. After a dragon, lycanthropes aren’t going to be a problem.”

“Just remember, don’t let them bite you unless you’re looking to become one.” Andrew nodded seriously to the others before pulling on his nice new dwarven helmet, “I’ll scout ahead and try to draw them out. See what this armor can do.”

“Be careful.” Vixie’s stomach was in a knot as Andrew drew Banisher and set out. With all his armor and combat skill he was the logical choice to draw them out… She couldn’t volunteer to do it, no matter how well she knew these mountains.

They were half-way up the pass with Andrew still way out ahead of them when Vixie caught a whiff of the animal stalking them. Eyes wide, she flung herself back toward Feanthar and Sheya. If the wind hadn’t changed one of them might have noticed the werewolf lunging fangs bared at them before Vixie did. The slavering beast was headed straight for Feanthar, and even as close as Sheya was to him she would’ve had to take the shot for him instead of getting one of her more elegant interceptions.

Instead, Vixie met the werewolf mid-air and plunged her claws through its chest as its fangs latched into her shoulder.


6 Responses

  1. Chelsea says:

    Vixie is quite muscular.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Yes, you do indeed. Will you be including any djinni at any point? Djinni are cool…

    • davidludwig says:

      Djinni are a little more Arabian in theme and I don’t think I’ll get an opportunity to include them in Niar Saga, though they do exist in the setting. We’ll see though.

  3. Mari says:

    Nice cliff hanger on this one. XD I liked it better when I was behind on reading, then I could read it all at once without waiting.

    The comment about Sheya not getting any say made me giggewl.

    I really like this post. I can picture Vixie thinking about everything as she’s playing around in the trees, then she just pops out from the branches beside everyone. xD

    • davidludwig says:

      Thanks, I really appreciate getting the comments and am glad you’re enjoying the story. That said I suppose if you want you could get really busy and have to catch up and read several at once again… The cliff-hangers are sort of intentional. Particularly from Monday to Friday, though sometimes through to Monday again.

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