Maze Warrior

 “A 21 year old computer programmer’s decision to help a 15 year old girl from Japan brings him into conflict with the forces of evil. As he struggles to stay true to his morals he discovers fantastic powers connected to an ancient legend.”

My script for a super-hero series with ties to Japanese legend, it harkens back to the good old days of feel-good heroism where you could count on the day being saved by the end of most episodes, though still with an element of the consequences and cost that have become so popular in modern super-hero stories. I’ve got close to 50 half-hour episodes written and a movie, with plans for nearly 100 more episodes, two more movies and a few video-games.

Each of the following half-hour episodes and movies has already been scripted by me, and it is my goal to eventually have them produced. The series juggles a relatively large cast between the super-hero team, the villains and supporting cast, all of which are portrayed as real people acting and interacting according to their own convictions and desires.

The series has a sort of 3-part structure, where 3 minor story arcs of 15 episodes each constitute each major story arc of 45 episodes. Though I have names for the arcs, I imagine they are more likely to be recognized by the primary villain at each step. For example the Red Ninja, Death Violet and Basilisk minor story arcs comprise the Dark Emperor major arc, at the end of which if the series were to just end there I expect most people would feel the significant loose ends had been resolved as the major arcs are meant to be able to stand alone.
After each major arc is a movie that fits within the continuity of the series and is assumed to happen, but not necessary to understand or continue on in the episodes.


  1. Trial by Fire
  2. Living the Legend (rolled into Trial by Fire for hour long pilot)
  3. Overtime
  4. The Next Guardian
  5. Heart of the Machine
  6. Dark Serpent’s Coils
  7. Green Thumb
  8. Goro the Wandering Monk
  9. The Tournament
  10. Turning the Hourglass
  11. Blind Alley
  12. Arsenal’s Nefarious Trap
  13. Maze Warrior
  14. Farewell to Marth
  15. Awakening
  16. Night and Day
  17. Lives on the Line
  18. Skyline Showdown
  19. Aftermath
  20. Prey of the Phantom Hound
  21. Singled Out
  22. A Deadly Infection
  23. Harmony Falls
  24. Autumn Dreaming
  25. Carmen, I’ll Save You!
  26. Kaiser Returns
  27. Hidden Power
  28. Strength Awakened
  29. Calm Before the Storm
  30. Kaiser’s Madness
  31. Figures of Legend
  32. The Beautiful Agent from Japan
  33. A Foe In Need
  34. Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  35. Happy Birthday, Natsuko
  36. No Place Like Home
  37. Lucero, The Dark Emperor
  38. Inferno Part I
  39. Inferno Part II
  40. Everything at Stake Part I
  41. Everything at Stake Part II
  42. The Mysterious Reiko
  43. Into the Labyrinth
  44. The Gate Between the Worlds
  45. The Final Battle
  46. Call to Duty
  47. The Counter Shadow Department


  1. Maze Warrior: Legends

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