Level 11 ~ Vixie cont’d

“My parents were part of a nomad caravan… We were heading north through the Viura Mountains… I guess probably to the Stellan Temple, or maybe north Heathhill.” Feanthar was talking as he sat next to Vixie in the cave they’d taken shelter in for the night.

For her part, she tried to look appropriately sick and fatigued for having put up such a fight while the others rallied to finish the werewolves. Andrew and Sheya were at the mouth of the cave discussing in hushed tones what to do with her. She couldn’t hear them, but it didn’t really matter anyway.

“Before she died my mother told the nuns how their caravan had been attacked by massive wolves. They didn’t know they were lycanthropes at the time; the guards took care of them… But then the next full moon the guards changed…” Feanthar was tearing up pretty bad, so Vixie put a hand comfortingly on his. “I was too young to really remember much… But I remember the wolves, the snarling and being so afraid… Werewolves took away my family, everything I had before the Church took me in. That’s why, I’m still afraid of them.”

Vixie smiled, unsure what to say. She’d really liked traveling with Andrew, Sheya and Feanthar. But especially in light of this, her time with them was over a lot sooner than she’d wanted it to be. “Hey, you’re going to be fighting a god… You can’t be scared.”

Feanthar looked back in her eyes so deeply, Vixie was briefly afraid he could see inside her, “Are you really going to go alone to the Stellan Temple to have the bite cured?”

“Of course!” Vixie nodded, trying to sound reassuring. “I know these mountains like the back of my hand! I can get there before the next full moon, no problem. It’s okay that you don’t know the miracle to cure lycanthropy.”

“You saved me, and Sheya.” A tear escaped down Feanthar’s cheek.

Vixie shrugged, “That’s what friends are for.”

Vixie could smell the rain rolling in from the peaks around them. It would settle into the pass and this much of it would keep them trapped in the cave until midday at least, waiting for the path to dry to a traversable state. It was going to be hard saying goodbye already, but Vixie didn’t know how exactly Andrew’s Oracle worked and now that she had been bitten it was only a matter of time before someone figured it out. She had to be gone before that happened. Vixie sniffed a couple times, and realized Feanthar was scared… She could smell his fear, and when she looked she saw he was looking at her hand on his. Slowly she withdrew her hand, and as he calmed down she looked back into his eyes with worry.

“You’re not going to the Temple, are you?” Feanthar whispered fearfully, and Vixie could feel her heart race as she realized he knew what neither of them was saying.

“I’m sorry…” Now Vixie was starting to cry. She didn’t know what else to say, this is what she hadn’t wanted. She never wanted him to be afraid of her. She never wanted anyone to know. “Please, don’t tell the others…”

“How long have you been a lycanthrope?”

“All my life.” Vixie looked sadly back at Feanthar, “Natural lycanthrope; though it does still give me immunity to the curse and the ability to spread it. Started changing when I hit puberty.”

Then something changed in Feanthar, like he swallowed his fear and it was gone. “I’m not afraid of you.” He said it and she knew it was true, “You’re my friend, and you saved us tonight. If you don’t have to go; I’d like you to stay.”

“But your family…” Vixie tasted the salt of her own tears running into her mouth. She wanted to stay, but still couldn’t believe it was an option. It had never been an option to stay if anyone found out.

“They were killed by an evil monster. Not by you.” Feanthar nodded his head back toward the cave mouth, “Though we will need to tell Sheya and Andrew too. Now that you’ve been bitten.”

Vixie groaned, “How do you think the Demon Hunter will take it?”


3 Responses

  1. Chelsea says:

    See, I knew she had real claws.

  2. Mari says:

    “How do you think the Demon Hunter will take it?” xD It almost has a light comedic charm after Feanthar and Vixie’s break-down.

    I like how from the beginning of this post I kind of got the feeling that Feanthar had been talking for a while as Vixie lay there pretending to be sick.

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