Level 12 ~ Andrew cont’d

“Well, I guess Feanthar and Sheya are going to be disappointed.” Vixie popped back over from talking to some dock workers. “The Mayor disappeared over a month ago, and Lady Rey, who’s taken his place, stays down at the lighthouse instead of the mayoral mansion.”

“I know.” Andrew was hunched over, sitting on a shipping crate and glowering at Oracle in his open hand. Vixie stepped closer and he tilted Oracle so she could see the image of the leather-clad woman with bat wings on her back and horns on her head. Succubus.

“Well, better get the others before we deal with that, huh?” Vixie sucked in a breath.

Andrew stood up suddenly and began striding toward the lighthouse. “I don’t need help to destroy a demon.”

“You mean ‘we’ don’t need help; right, buddy?” Vixie skipped up next to him and matched his pace.

“You should be more afraid of me. Now that I know what you are.”

“Don’t wanna…”

As Andrew kicked in the door to the lighthouse he was actually glad there was a demon handy. Demons were actually formed in large part from elemental evil itself, and he needed to kick some ass. Lady Rey was waiting for them on a magically suspended platform, her true demonic form already revealed.

“So the famous Andrew Banisher has finally made his way to Heathhill. Honestly, when I heard you were traveling with a Stellan Miracle Worker I was briefly concerned you could be a problem. But now it seems Gyle was over-reacting to your approach.”

Andrew took Oracle from around his neck and set it into Banisher, charging the blade with holy energy. “And who is Gyle?”

Rey covered her laugh with the back of a hand, “The summoner who allowed me to come to your world. Though you won’t live to meet him.”

Andrew could see through the gesture and had already flung Banisher through the air toward the succubus before she could complete her spell. Unfortunately some sort of barrier surrounded her platform. Charged with holy energy Banisher pierced the barrier, but became lodged rather than going all the way through. Three Vulture Demons appeared overhead, talons interlocked as they whirled in a sickening spiral. Andrew quickly dashed for the stairs to get a better position to try and jump to Rey’s platform. The Vulture Demons dropped into his path however, forcing him to lay into them with his fists even as their spinning accelerated. They weren’t getting through his armor yet, but he knew what was coming and it was going to hurt.

“Hey, Andrew! Catch!” Andrew glanced up and saw Vixie had scaled the wall opposite the stairs and backflipped to land on Banisher’s hilt. Even as she sent his sword flying back toward him, Vixie rolled in through the disruption it caused in the barrier to face Rey.

The Vulture Demons’ spiral reached its deadly conclusion even as Andrew’s hand closed around Banisher’s grip again. A flash of destructive energies tore through the entire lighthouse, wracking Andrew’s entire body with intense pain and somewhere above he heard Vixie’s screams too. The only other time he’d seen this move finished he’d been well outside its range, and everyone who wasn’t had died.

Still screaming through his pain, Andrew finished the Vulture Demons who didn’t have time to recover from their surprise at his still being alive before their foul essences were trapped inside Oracle. Then Lady Rey’s essence drifted down, also trapped by Oracle. Falling back against the wall for support, still conscious only from some reserve of energy he didn’t know he had, Andrew looked up to the platform.

Crawling to the edge Vixie grinned down at him. Her hair had blended down into her body and changed to match the tawny and black-spotted fur that had grown all over her, and that grin had some serious teeth in it… And yet he found himself smiling back.


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  1. Denise says:

    I’m enjoying the story so far. You are a very good writer!

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