Level 13 ~ Feanthar

There was a chirping sound. Rapid, short and sort of alien. The sun was pressing down on them oppressively as they made their way out into the desert. Feanthar was trying to imagine what sort of creature was making the chirping sound, or how many of them there might be. They didn’t sound very big… Maybe some sort of bug? It was hard to tell over the sound of Sheya still chewing Andrew and Vixie out for fighting the succubus alone the day before. Feanthar smiled a little as he actually led the way into the desert. It was dangerous for Andrew and Vixie to fight alone, especially since it turned out the succubus was being remotely supported by a powerful summoner, but Feanthar could sense the peace between Andrew and Vixie too. Whatever had happened, it was good.

With the demonic Lady Rey taken care of, the city of Oranis was freed from an insidious control and nearly every citizen wanted to thank them in some way. Unfortunately the people of Oranis also wanted them to stay on as protectors and their mission couldn’t allow that. The people of Heathhill in general wouldn’t be free until the orcish summoner, Gyle, was taken care of. And until that happened Feanthar couldn’t justify asking the people to ferry them across to Kakarus, only to return to their own plight.

Feanthar sunk to a more solid stance and charged Heaven’s Staff with divine power as he heard the rushing sound of a sand-dune being displaced, “Here they come again!”

Gyle was somewhere in this desert. Andrew had confirmed that with Oracle, even gaining an image of the orc whose skin was as black as his heart. Unfortunately Gyle had apparently been expecting them and the entire day so far had basically served as an opportunity for Andrew to teach them all about a dizzying number of different demons. Each time Gyle summoned them from rune circles buried beneath the drifting sands, so Feanthar could actually hear the sand moving aside for the summoning even before the demons entered the world. Up until Gyle started activating 3 or 4 circles at once Feanthar had even been able to use miracles of banishment to counteract the summoning.

Seeing as they were going to be fighting a god, it was probably a good thing demons no longer seemed as scary. Though at the same time it felt wrong not to be terrified in the face of evil-incarnate. But with the cold-iron guards on Mere and Luna, Sheya was breaking a lot more than their enemies’ weapons with her sword-breakers, and Vixie’s new claws were just as effective. Then the protective field generated by his bracers or just the physical presence of Andrew’s armor was letting them take on enemies far stronger than the Demon Soldiers they’d faced back in Landis, and in greater quantity too.

“Here he comes!” Sheya leapt between Feanthar and a sudden influx of evil energy unlike that of the demons. Even as Andrew and Vixie finished off the fiendish sand-worms that got past Feanthar’s banishment, Sheya’s cold-iron guards on Mere and Luna absorbed the unholy blast that announced the arrival of the evil demon-binder, Gyle.

“I never imagined the would-be heroes would be so foolish as to play right into my hands!” Gyle laughed as he rose out of the desert sands on the back of a giant fiendish scorpion, his staff still pointed at Feanthar from the attack Sheya deflected. “Long will I cherish the fact that it was I who got to destroy the final alliance between a Landian Miracle Worker and a Kakarish Demon Hunter. So famous a pairing… And bearing Heaven’s Staff no less! Letemra will reward me handsomely for this!”

Andrew’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he turned his attention to Gyle. “So you’re working for that fiend?”

Laughing, Gyle raised his arms in preparation for another summoning spell, “Of course. All evil in this world for the last decade has all been the work of The Death Gate! All part of his glorious plan to drain Niar of life and then, from it, stage a full scale assault on the very gates of Heaven!”


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