Level 13 ~ Feanthar cont’d

The entire sky seemed to rip away as Gyle opened the largest portal into the lower planes Feanthar had ever seen. Based on Andrew’s language he hadn’t seen anything like it either, even Vixie seemed to shrink a little and Sheya sucked in a sharp breath as the demonic horde began descending from the skies toward them. Most clear in Feanthar’s mind was the righteous cry of Heaven’s Staff.

Feanthar smiled as he raised Heaven’s Staff toward the sky, “Demon-Binder Gyle, you now face the judgement of Heaven, just as your dark master will when we meet him!” Divine light blasted out from the crystal on Heaven’s Staff, sealing Gyle’s portal. “Heaven grant us a miracle of divine judgment!”

Gyle’s eyes widened as the host of ghostly angels appeared blades brightly gleaming between Feanthar’s party and the horde of demons that had made it through the portal before it closed. As the demons rushed shrieking to try and break the angels’ line they were subjected to swift and cruel cuts that greatly diminished the strength of those who made it through at all.

“Nice one, Kid!” Andrew was actually grinning as he laid into the demons that broke the angels’ line, making short work of the weakened-fiends with his holy sword.

Flipping around to support Andrew, Vixie’s precise claw strikes were dropping fiends at a respectable pace as well, “Damn, we’re good!” She laughed, “Way to go, Feanthar!”

“Looks like the summoner’s out of tricks, but watch out for casters in the horde!” Sheya smiled as she engaged the demons that pressed through toward Feanthar’s back.

“You haven’t beaten me yet, insects!” Gyle snarled, leaping from his scorpion with a heavy two-handed swing of his staff for Feanthar’s head.

Feanthar grinned as he blocked Gyle’s attack with Heaven’s Staff, “Really? Because it kind of seems like you wasted all your miracles for today on summons that didn’t pan out.” Feanthar neatly stepped around to Gyle’s side and swatted the orc on the back of the head with Heaven’s Staff. Sheya had taught him some pretty good combat maneuvers, and he had been impressed to discover Heaven’s Staff was every bit as much a weapon as it was a conduit for holy power.

“I’ve got one left… Letemra give me strength!” Gyle’s eyes blazed with unholy energy as a dark aura overtook his body. Suddenly his onslaught of attacks had an unholy power and guidance to them, and Feanthar found himself struggling to deflect the attacks.

Blow after blow landed on Heaven’s Staff, or on Feanthar’s bracers, and though Feanthar was holding up okay he was being pushed back. Back toward the wall where the angels were still keeping out the next wave of demons. He tried to dig in, to fight back, but Gyle’s profane surge wasn’t leaving him any time for counter-attack let alone time to cast miracles.

“Stupid child! Did you think the light was match for the darkness?!” Gyle continued to rain blows down on Feanthar, “I’ll drive you into the swords of your own angels! You’ll fall bleeding before me and then you’ll see what Heaven actually thinks of you! All will be returned to dust!”

“Gyle?” Sheya’s voice broke cooly through Gyle’s rant, “Shut up.”

Gyle turned back in time to catch Sheya’s lunge for his back with his staff. “Fools! You’re all inadequate!”

Sheya simply smiled, Gyle’s staff caught between the guard and baton of one of her sword-breakers. With a quick twist she snapped Gyle’s staff, and while the orc was still staring at his broken implement in shock she broke his neck with the other one.


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