Yuki was originally conceived as a stand-alone family movie. My strong belief is that a true family movie is one that everyone in an entire family can enjoy–from the imaginative and fun-oriented children, to older action lovers, philosophers or romantics. As such Yuki is a tale of friendship and adventure in the face of a world-sweeping war. I really appreciate the way that trying to keep the rating down forced me to be more creative in how I portrayed things that in a PG-13 or higher rated show could just be shown blatantly.

Of course I can never work with characters without becoming attached to them and pondering what happens next. So even before I finished the first movie I knew how it could be a trilogy if the interest was there to make it so. In order the movies would be;

Yuki – In a world where humans live alongside mythological spirits, a mischievous trickster spirit must seek the help of the mysterious Snow Lady in order to stop a war between the humans and the spirits that threatens to consume their world.

Snow Lady

The Ice Queen

Interestingly enough, I also have an idea for what I think would be a pretty fun racing video-game associated with the series. Turns out that several of the characters are capable of moving pretty fast, and taken as an ensemble have an assortment of abilities that could make for a very interesting dynamic in a racing game.

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