Level 02 ~ Sheya


It was crisp, but the sun provided certain warmth. No mistake, summer was coming to the Northlands. Good timing too, with the spring thaw complete the Northlanders would have several good months of open roads to the rest of Yore. Several good months of business. Sheya Dinah closed her blue eyes and breathed deeply, feeling the warmth of the sun on the outside of her chainmail. An insulated layer of fabric held her like a soft second skin, maintaining her body-temperature in virtually any exterior conditions as well as preventing chafing from the armor.

She was walking north, toward the capital of Tionburg after a relaxing trip to the countryside. With a contented smile she rested her hands on the pommels of her batons, holstered to either hip. Then the wind changed and she felt a dry warmth that shouldn’t have been there. Smoke, and a lot of it. Sheya opened her eyes as she crested a hill and saw Tionburg in flames still several miles out. She pursed her lips and began a silent dash for the capital. If she paced herself she could be there in an hour and still be in fighting condition. Something was wrong; Tionburg was the best defended city in the north. Who could possibly be attacking it?

The din of battle greeted her a mile out from the city, and soon enough Sheya saw her home was under attack by a combined force of goblins and their larger and more ferocious kin, the hobgoblins and bugbears. Sheya vaulted over the rubble that remained from the front gate and in a fluid motion withdrew her batons and began cracking goblinoid skulls as she danced her way through the streets of Tionburg. Individually goblinoids were rarely dangerous to the famous Northlander Mercenaries, but their sheer numbers had overwhelmed the defenses. Sheya went swiftly through the enemy ranks, feeling the disturbance in the air as her enemies tried to attack her long before they had any hope of connecting. She observed with cool reason that after the initial assault the defenders had regrouped and were now holding the invaders off reasonably well.

The hobgoblins would be too smart to attempt an attack on so well a fortified city if their objective was actually to raze it or even achieve any real amount of plunder. If they had another objective it was a fair bet that their best had already pushed on for the Tower at the heart of Tionburg, the final defensive structure in the city as well as the seat of government and most secure storehouse in all the Northlands. Sure enough when Sheya reached the Tower she saw a squad of elite Hobgoblin soldiers and bugbear assassins led by an ichor-robed hobgoblin Dark Speaker. They were being held off at the battered gate to the Tower by The Commander and his finest. Impressive that the Dark Speaker had amassed such forces for his raid, but now at least she knew the attack was religiously motivated. The Speaker was well protected, and his profane miracles would decimate The Commander’s forces unless he was stopped immediately. Sheya smiled as she saw her role in the fight.

Not long after Sheya dropped the Dark Speaker and a few of the elites, the entire enemy force was routed and driven from Tionburg. Sheathing his twin long-swords, The Commander smiled broadly at Sheya. “Welcome home, Sheya! You were just in time!”

Sheya smiled back, tossing blonde hair out of her eyes. “It’s good to be home, Father.”


6 Responses

  1. Chelsea says:

    Well, I’m glad she won’t chafe! But on a serious note, it’s good that you have a strong female character. And more stories should have ichor in them, don’t you think?

    • davidludwig says:

      First post again, impressive. I really appreciate the feedback–need to get some sort of page-view counter set up so I know if I’m actually getting traffic.

      As for the ichor issue, I’m a little on the fence. Ichor is cool, but I’d hate to see it become over-used.

  2. Chelsea says:

    If you want I can start posting your link on my facebook page.

    • davidludwig says:

      I really appreciate word-of-mouth promotion of my site and the story (especially if you actually like it), but asking others to post links feels a bit intrusive. So I guess don’t inconvenience yourself but if you see an opportunity I’d love to have others besides me promoting it.

  3. J.T. says:

    I take it Dark Speakers only show up for religious reasons, instead of helping their people out once in a while. The fight with the Dark Speaker and bodyguards was over a little too fast.

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