Level 14 ~ Sheya cont’d

“What?” Sheya stared at Andrew in shocked disbelief, “How… How did you know my mother’s name?”

Andrew’s hands clenched on the railing of the ship, “It was about a week before The Fall. Nobody knew what was coming… My mother ran away from home as a child, not much of a home really. She was happy to have found a place in the Silver Temple of Kakarus… But she always talked about how she regretted leaving her sister. Then Aunt Brihane came, she’d found Mother after all those years.”

Andrew sighed, “Aunt Brihane was an amazing woman, and as good a fighter as I’ve ever met. When Letemra appeared inside the Silver Temple… It was the first time I’d ever seen Father take off Oracle, and he gave it to me. He gave Banisher to my brother, who could barely lift it at the time… And he told Mother and Aunt Brihane to get us out of Kakarus while he fought the demons with a longsword… He knew he couldn’t win, probably from Oracle… But he wanted to buy us time…”

Andrew was trembling and the ship railing cracked in his tight grip, “On the way out of the city we were attacked by a flock of vulture demon skirmishers. Aunt Brihane actually leapt into the sky and knocked the vultures right out of it, and into range of my mother’s sabre. They told us to keep running, Lantano and me. We did, we figured they wanted us out of the way so they could let loose… I was so sure they were going to win… But then the vultures locked talons and began spinning…”

Still trembling, Andrew just shook his head. When it became clear he was done, Sheya nodded. “Thank you…”

“For what?” Andrew glanced sideways at her.

Looking back earnestly Sheya actually smiled, “I finally know what happened to my mother. It sounds like it was a good death…”

They were both crying silently at this point, so Sheya went ahead and hugged Andrew. He was surprised at first, but then returned the hug until they were able to regain control of themselves. The sky had been darkened by clouds at this point, and the continuing wind now felt cold. It was unlikely Vixie would continue sunning herself in these conditions, so Sheya and Andrew separated to resume watching the waves silently.

Suddenly they were blasted with salty sea-water as an echoing screech split the air. Sheya and Andrew reflexively leapt back away from the edge of the ship and drew their weapons as a massive cerulean serpent rose from the waves and struck their ship with its coils.

“Feanthar overboard!” Vixie shouted from the top of the boat-house, but was blocked from diving after him by the serpent’s snapping jaws.

Determined, Sheya dashed for the edge of the ship and dove off after Feanthar as Andrew and Vixie squared off against the serpent. To Sheya’s surpsise however, as she plunged toward the water she saw Feanthar standing on top of the waves.

As Sheya dropped toward Feanthar he closed his eyes in prayer, “Heaven guide our steps.”

Instinctively Sheya got her feet under her as she felt the miracle surround her, and discovered upon landing that she too was able to walk on the water. Nodding to Sheya, Feanthar then made a standing leap back onto the deck of the ship with the light of the miracle trailing behind him. Sheya smiled as she turned her attention back toward the serpent.

Enhanced by Feanthar’s miracle, Sheya made a standing leap from the water up to the the serpent’s head and with a powerful spinning double-strike smashed it down into range of Andrew’s sword.


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