Level 15 ~ Vixie

The humid salty smell of the ocean was kind of exciting; Vixie hadn’t ever crossed an ocean before. The smell was still present now that they’d landed in Holt Village, but a lot more muted even though they were still pretty much on the water. Everything was muted. It was quiet, everything was grey and there was a disturbing lack of any strong scents. Not in a clean air sort of way, but in more of a something is being hidden sort of way. They hadn’t seen any people since making landing and all the buildings were shuttered, even though the sailors, before sailing back to Oranis, had said they’d done business with refugees in Holt since the Fall of Kakarus.

“So… The swordsman is some sort of elf, named Slythe…” Andrew was talking to Feanthar and Sheya as they looked at Oracle from cover behind one of the dock buildings. Actually, he was talking to Vixie too, even though she’d gone up to the roof hoping for a better vantage point.

Sheya pointed to the image in Oracle, though Vixie was too far to see it herself, “That injury there… That’s current?” When Andrew nodded, Sheya gave a low whistle, “Whoever did that knew what they were doing. It interrupts every major energy line in the body, he’ll be virtually crippled.”

Andrew nodded, “We should still be careful; but that’s what I was thinking too. Letemra’s daughter concerns me more.”

The play of light below let Vixie know the image in Oracle had changed, but an inland breeze caught her attention. Turning her nose into the wind rushing out to the ocean she took a deep breath… Still nothing. Not even the storm rolling in. The dark clouds on the horizon seemed like a screen blocking them from seeing the desecrated land where the evil god waited. It made her feel strangely apprehensive. And it wasn’t just that, now that they were here, she was realizing what they’d gotten into. Though there was some of that too.

“She just looks like a child…” Feanthar shook his head looking at the image in Oracle, “Are we really going to have to fight her to get to Letemra?”

“Better to be prepared to fight her and not have to than the other way around.” Andrew’s voice was hard and Vixie guessed the girl probably looked like or was some sort of demon. Probably cute based on Feanthar’s comment though. Made her wonder who the mother was, actually. Or did gods need partners? “According to Oracle, she’s able to wield both magic and miracles of a degree I’ve never seen or heard of. She might even be more powerful than her father.”

With a heavy sigh Vixie finally gave up on figuring anything out from the roof. Stepping lightly over the side she proceeded to run down the wall and then cartwheel around to look over Sheya’s shoulder. A little disappointing; they’d been traveling together long enough only the guys even spared her a glance, and no one looked surprised.

“So what about here? Now?” Vixie peered at Oracle too, just in time for the image to go dark. “What did we just step into the middle of?”

Andrew just shook his head and returned Oracle to hang around his neck. “I don’t know. Oracle’s not getting anything. Its effect is being blocked somehow.”

“Does that mean Letemra already knows we’re here?” Sheya crossed her arms with a concerned frown.

“No. It’s a more general scrying shield. Something’s here that Letemra doesn’t want anyone knowing about, anywhere.”

Feanthar pointed Heaven’s Staff toward an ichor stained ziggurat in the center of Holt. “There’s a powerful evil presence there. Almost like Gyle’s demon army… But older… and singular.”

Even Vixie saw Andrew’s jaw clench, “Bastard sure has a fondness for desecrating holy sites.”

“Alright, I’ll go check it out!” Vixie nodded to the others.

“We don’t even know what’s in there! Oracle can’t get a reading!” Andrew glared at Vixie.

“It’s called scouting.” Vixie winked back, “If I’m not back in an hour; assume it’s really bad.”


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