Level 16 ~ Andrew cont’d

“Protect yourselves!” Andrew yelled to the others as he brought the flat of Banisher around as a wall between himself and the pit.

It hadn’t been an earthquake; Carnagia had burrowed under the ground to throw it at them. Dirt and rocks, some full size boulders, exploded out from the pit. The attack hailed against Banisher, some of it actually being deflected by the holy aura the same way the cultists’ spells had been. Vixie rode one of the boulders out of the pit and rolled off to land near Andrew and Sheya, both of whom took a few hits from the hail of debris. Then Carnagia gave a shriek as it surged over the broken ground to the rancid yellowed bones of some sort of massive creature left in the pit.

The ooze gave a sort of eerie wail as it raised itself up with the incomplete skeleton of the behemoth providing a rough structure. Thus collected, Carnagia had to be close to twenty feet tall. That was a lot of slime. As Feanthar healed himself and the other two, Andrew tightened his grip on Banisher. Taking a deep breath he flung himself down into the broken pit with a yell, driving for Carnagia with Banisher. Vixie followed his lead to lunge in with fangs and claws from the opposite side, even as Carnagia stabbed for Feanthar with a sharp broken bone. Sheya deflected most of Carnagia’s attack, and took the rest of it herself.

“I hate fighting things without vital organs!” Vixie snarled as she tore out gobs of their slimy adversary with her claws.

Andrew cleaved through Carnagia with Banisher. Though the creature immediately reformed he saw the holy energy burn some of the slime away, and its shrieks definitely sounded like they were doing something. “Yeah. I know what you mean.”

Like many non-demonic slimes, Carnagia was burning them every time they hit it and could eat at them agonizingly if it managed to engulf them to any extent. Vixie had taken the worst of that so far, but between her own natural healing rate and Feanthar’s miracles she was looking pretty good now. Andrew’s reckless attacks actually saw him trapped inside the creature’s rib-cage briefly before Feanthar blasted him out with a miracle. Severing the already broken spine that was just being manipulated by a slime wasn’t terribly effective, but Andrew found it cathartic on his way out. The real danger of Carnagia did seem to be its ability to manipulate what it engulfed though. This ooze was strong. Stronger than any demon Andrew knew of, even stronger than the dragon had been. And that strength put behind a solid bludgeon with rocks or behemoth bones had cracked some of his own ribs even through his dwarven armor.

Vixie had needed to snap one of her arms back into place after being thrown against a wall… Sheya and Feanthar were actually holding up impressively well for Feanthar drawing the bulk of Carnagia’s attention and Sheya intercepting as much of that attention as she could. It was keeping Sheya from getting any real chances at offense, but it was also keeping all of them alive. The cloying evil aura of Carnagia had actually snuffed out their own holy auras at one point, though Feanthar quickly invoked new holy auras for all of them… The kid was probably the most powerful human Andrew had ever met… But he was clearly wearing down. They needed to end this, and fast.

“Kid! Give me your best attack miracle right into Oracle!” Andrew yelled as he skidded around to point his sword at Carnagia, “Sheya, Vixie, follow my lead!”

And that’s all it took. Feanthar’s miracle via Oracle charged Banisher with a godly level of divine power, and Andrew drove it and himself all the way through the heart of the foul abomination they were fighting. The holy energy actually shot clear through the entire mass of slime, crystallizing it just in time for Sheya and Vixie to hit it with a synchronized flurry. The pieces dissolved into light before hitting the ground and the most powerful demonic essence Andrew had ever encountered was absorbed into Oracle.

Andrew removed Oracle from Banisher and swung the fullblade back around onto his back with a relieved sigh. If that hadn’t worked… Sheya pulled herself back up out of the pit in time to catch Feanthar, who didn’t even look like he had the energy to hold himself up with Heaven’s Staff at the moment.

Vixie collapsed exhausted to a sitting position with her head hung, still an anthropomorphic combination of great cat and woman, “I need new clothes again!”


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