Leona Banisher

This page will probably require further updating as I actually formalize the pitch for the story.

“A young woman carries on the Demon Hunting legacy of her legendary father, and along the way discovers the importance of friendship and love.”

Leona Banisher is a series set in the world of Niar a generation after the events of Niar Saga. While some characters from Niar Saga appear in the series, it really is about the next generation and the problems they face in the wake of the monumental changes in the world witnessed and brought about by their forebears. Right now I have it in mind as an episodic series very television in nature, but it could also potentially work as a trilogy or quadrology of movies.

An interesting trivia point for people familiar with Dungeons & Dragons is that Niar Saga follows the 3.5 edition rules (in as far as game rules are able to represent a fantasy world), but Leona Banisher (the series) would actually follow 4th edition rules. So somewhere between the end of Niar Saga and the beginning of the next generation there is a fundamental shift where magic and miracles become lessened but what is possible without them expanded.

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