Level 18 ~ Sheya

The sudden surge as light overtook the whole city, resonating from Feanthar and Andrew but then reflecting off every silvered inch of the city, changed everything. Sheya suddenly realized just how heavy the air had been while laden with evil, because as the light washed away the demons and the corruption she suddenly felt light enough to leap over the buildings or run to the top of the central ziggurat for which Silver Temple was named. The  evil came bearing back in, of course, and there were still several, if not as many, demons to take care of, but in all it was a very auspicious way to begin their fight.

She’d been pacing herself with the initial wave of demons, conserving energy and making sure every movement counted. But the fight left on their hands actually looked winnable, and it was liberating to shift back out of survival mode and just fight. Not that she or Vixie were carrying much of the fight at this point. Sheya had taken maybe thirty demons already, something that even a few months ago would have seemed impossible even over a life-time as a mercenary—contrary to what her father always told her. For some reason she’d never really believed his stories about fighting against an army of devils with only a few brave companions to back him up. But now that she saw in action how well he had prepared her to do the same… Vixie must have handled a like number to Sheya, though she still was in her human form and Sheya had now seen first-hand how much more powerful Vixie was in her hybrid form.

So that was the context for her and Vixie being completely overshadowed by Feanthar and Andrew’s performance. The two guys had actually been transformed by the resonance, Feanthar was now wearing robes like the church elders of the Chronisian Order, and Andrew’s dwarven armor had become celestial instead. Banisher even looked a bit bigger. Andrew and Feanthar were winded from their exertions by the end, but, really, if the worst Letemra had to offer was his army, then they could’ve gotten through this without even really straining. Of course, as Andrew’s Oracle had warned, there was much worse than the army to deal with.

Slow clapping alternating with the silver chime of footsteps announced a new arrival once the demons were taken care of.

“So that’s the resonance of the Miracle Worker and the Demon Hunter.” The man’s voice was soft, but icy. It was dangerous, and made Sheya shudder inwardly. “I’m glad I got to see it; once The Death Gate has had his way, such things will never be seen again.”

The party turned to face the voice’s owner as he stepped into the square between them and the Silver Temple building. Sheya grit her teeth as she sensed weak points in Feanthar and Andrew’s stances. The swordsman would surely have noticed too—apparently the resonance took some sort of physical toll.

“You may call me Slythe.” The pale elf in black leather bowed to them, before drawing a greatsword as long as Banisher if not quite as wide. “I am honored to fight opponents as worthy as you.”

Somehow she got between Slythe and Feanthar in time to stop the elf’s sword sweep for the priest. Sheya caught Slythe’s sword with Mere and Luna, and felt a twinge of fear as the calm elf’s icy eyes met hers. He shouldn’t be able to move nearly that fast with his injury… Had Oracle been wrong?

“Were you hoping my memento from my battle with Eric would allow you to defeat me?” Somehow Slythe’s calm was destroying Sheya’s own. As he pulled his sword back he hefted it high and sent Sheya flying through the air, in the same motion facing the others with a flourish. “I am a slayer of gods! Injured or not, it was still foolish of humans to think they could defeat me!”


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