Level 18 ~ Sheya cont’d

Sheya felt a sharp pain shoot through her as her ankle snapped from the impact of landing after Slythe had thrown her into the air. She was starting to feel hot. Feverish. Her vision was blurring. Determination alone allowed her to rise to her feet, while Vixie flung herself at Slythe with a roar. Sheya winced as she saw Vixie impaled on Slythe’s sword and then cast aside. Sheya had to re-engage Slythe before he could go after Feanthar! She limped forward as Slythe deflected Andrew’s sword-smash.

A powerful kick from Slythe sent Andrew flying through the wall of a nearby building, as Vixie rolled to her feet in her hybrid form—her wound already beginning to seal, if slowly, even as her features changed to those of a leopard’s. Then she heard Feanthar’s voice.

“Heaven, grant us a miracle of healing!”

Her head cleared and her pain disappeared, and she was able to step in to deflect Slythe’s next swing for Feanthar—though this time she didn’t try to hold it. Similarly rejuvenated Vixie and Andrew rushed Slythe from opposite sides. This wasn’t a fight for witty banter, after doing so well against the demons they were already fighting for their lives. And Slythe… She could tell he was working with an injury now that she had more time to watch him, once she got used to how fast he was able to move and his uncanny flexibility… She could tell that he was a little stiff, that he was impeded.

Grimly, methodically, she caught and released the blows he rained down on her. Taking a glancing blow here or there but resolutely keeping him away from Feanthar, who pretty much had his hands full healing the many injuries being suffered by herself, Andrew and Vixie. As she held up under Slythe’s onslaught, Sheya began to see imperfections in his fighting style. Andrew had an amazing strength to be able to wield Banisher at all, but it was still obvious he was using a very heavy sword. Slythe in comparison used his similar sized blade as deftly as if it were a rapier, and yet with all the devastating power of the larger blade. She still didn’t understand how Slythe’s style was even possible, but now that she was starting to wrap her head around what it was, she realized he wasn’t executing it nearly as well as he could—just based on the fact that he could do it at all.

Again Slythe twisted out of the way of Vixie’s claw flurry, in the same motion nearly cleaving her in half and cutting into Andrew’s celestial armor and stopping the larger man’s attack cold. Sheya breathed out exactly as Slythe’s blade made its way back around for Feanthar. Knocking it down with Mere and Luna, with her breathing timed right, she managed to change the course of Slythe’s attack and throw the elf off-balance. She’d done it! She’d finally managed to read one of his moves well enough to counter it properly! Sheya smiled as Feanthar healed Vixie and Andrew’s injuries.

Rolling away to recover, Slythe stopped as Vixie and Andrew got ready to renew their assault. Also smiling, Slythe nodded to Sheya. Then he disappeared and dropped Vixie and Andrew into a bleeding heap! Sheya’s eyes widened, then she forced them shut! Where was he?! There!

She didn’t have time for a proper counter; the best she could do was throw herself in the way as Slythe’s blade arced around for Feanthar’s neck. Sheya grit her teeth with grim satisfaction as Slythe’s blade cut cleanly through her armor and spilled her blood all over the ground between Slythe and Feanthar.

“Heaven grant us a miracle of healing!” Did Feanthar’s voice have tears in it? Something was different this time… Because she had been hurt?

Sheya didn’t have time to think about it as Slythe pressed his attack against Feanthar. She sprang back into the middle of the attack, locking Slythe’s blade into Mere and Luna again. This time she needed Slythe to throw her, and she got lucky! Swinging around his sword, Sheya used the momentum from his counter attack to vault onto his shoulders where she quickly began strangling him with her legs.

The split second before Slythe was able to throw her off was all that Andrew needed to plunge Banisher through the elf’s chest, and destroy it with a twist. Sputtering, Slythe fell to his knees.

His eyes rolling skyward as his life bled away from him, Slythe was barely able to choke out one final word. “Aundreya…”


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  1. Chelsea says:

    You need a picture of Sheya strangling Slythe with her legs. That would bring more traffic to your website! Lol, i might not be the type of audience you’re after, but hey, it might be fun to draw anyway.

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