Level 19 ~ Vixie

Oh, Vixie had a splitting headache! That swordsman was something else too, the only thing they’d met in their entire journey—only one she’d ever met—who was legitimately faster than her. And all this silver… Yeah, it was pretty, and sentimental for Andrew specifically… But if she even scraped her knee here it wouldn’t heal right! She’d gotten lucky against the swordsman and not been smashed through any walls the way Andrew had been, that and Slythe’s sword was cold iron instead of silver. Huh… Actually that was kind of odd now that she thought about it; fighting on the same side as the demons, Slythe used a sword that would have been most effective against them…

Then there was the oppressive stink of evil everywhere in Silver Temple! The stench was this sort of oily-smokey smell that just gunked up the lungs… Not so much like it smelled like anything, but more like it was trying to smother you. They’d collected themselves and gotten heals from Feanthar before heading into the actual Silver Temple itself, where the smell was stronger and joined by something else. The tangy-bitter scent of rot. Odds were good that every citizen of Kakarus who had been slain in Silver Temple was still in here somewhere, because it definitely smelled like a tomb.

“Everyone be ready…” Andrew led the way with Banisher ready, Vixie and Sheya flanking Feanthar behind Andrew, “We’re close.”

Suddenly Vixie had a surging feeling of relief as she got a breath of fresh air! It smelled rain-washed and new—which definitely shouldn’t be the case given the circumstances. Hissing Vixie stopped the others as she sniffed to pinpoint the source of the fresh air.

“Something’s out of place…”

Feanthar noticed the little girl in the black cultist’s robes standing in the shadows behind a silver pillar first. Vixie identified her as the source of the fresh smell about the same time Andrew and Sheya found her. It’s like the evil of the place didn’t affect her at all! The girl had her hood down and long hair the green of a sunny forest, though she seemed to be watching the floor as she rested her dainty hand on the pillar next to her.

“You’re here to kill my father…” The girl’s voice was quiet and sad… Something about it tugged at Vixie’s heart; like the girl knew how bad things were and honestly wished they could be better.

“You’re Letemra’s daughter?” Sheya quietly interposed herself between the girl and Feanthar, though Vixie noticed Feanthar stopped Sheya from blocking him completely.

The girl nodded, “My name is Naomi.” Then she looked up at them with her big green eyes, full of a sorrow Vixie had never seen, “I won’t let you kill my dad!”

Andrew stepped toward her with a grim nod, “We’ll take care of you too, if we have to.”

Naomi scowled at Andrew, but Feanthar also stepped forward before anyone else could respond; “Wait! We don’t want to hurt anyone! We’re here to protect the people we care about too. To protect our world.”

Sheya and Andrew still looked apprehensive, and so did Naomi for that matter. So Vixie stepped forward with a smile to support Feanthar, “Yeah, if we can convince your dad to let our world be there doesn’t even have to be a fight.”

Ooo! Andrew didn’t like that last bit! She couldn’t really blame him, given what Letemra had done to his home and family, and of course Vixie didn’t really expect Letemra to be the sort they could talk down anyway.

“My father won’t stop… He won’t ever stop…” Naomi apparently was of the same opinion as Vixie on that matter. Then the little girl stepped forward herself with tears in her eyes, “But he’s all that I have left!”


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