Level 19 ~ Vixie cont’d

Huge bat-wings burst out from Naomi’s back and she was surrounded with this aura—well at least twice the size of the holy auras Feanthar provided all of them with… And then arcane fire began raining down around them in a little apocalypse. Vixie was dodging and rolling between the flames trying to get close to Naomi, but the little girl was always flying to safer vantage points to unleash further torrents of destructive magic. Andrew, Sheya and Feanthar were getting hammered by Naomi’s magic! The girl was at least as powerful as Feanthar, which meant their side’s miracles were all going toward healing from Naomi’s spells.

Then Naomi dispelled their holy-auras and Vixie started getting burned. The others were practically ground into the floor of the temple without the protection of the auras. Vixie had to stop Naomi from casting! With a roar Vixie shifted into her hybrid form and lunged for Naomi—go figure the bat-winged daughter of an evil god wouldn’t be phased by a were-leopard. But then Naomi wasn’t where she should have been! Vixie wasn’t entirely sure how magic worked, but Naomi must’ve stopped time to get out of the way like that! Or teleported? Either way both Vixie and Andrew missed by a mile and were left looking at each other a second before bolts of force began tearing through their bodies agonizingly.

“Enough!” Sheya shrieked and Vixie saw Sheya’s cord-and-dagger fly and lash around Naomi’s ankle. Sheya pulled the magical little girl down hard and even Vixie winced as Naomi cried in pain upon striking the floor.

But it got them the time they needed. Feanthar renewed their holy-auras and healed them all up, while Naomi melted into a shadow to extract herself from Sheya’s cord before reforming and healing herself with a high level miracle… The one Feanthar had just learned when they fought the dragon if Vixie remembered correctly. Apparently Naomi was good with both magic and miracles, just like Oracle had indicated.

Andrew was into the fight. He was slashing hard and actually managed to cut clean through one of the temple pillars and topple it on top of Naomi. She protected herself for the most part with a force-field, then healed what she didn’t stop, but it was an impressive attack nonetheless. Sheya was actually disrupting Naomi’s casting a little more reliably now that she’d switched to her cord-and-dagger, and Feanthar of course was keeping everybody going.

But Vixie… She just wasn’t feeling this fight… She was bounding around and slashing with her claws—but being careful not to bite, could gods contract lycanthropy? Was Naomi a god if her father was? Now that Feanthar’s holy auras were back up, Vixie was dodging the better part of Naomi’s spells again, but she wasn’t sure if Naomi’s defense was too good for her to get through or if she just didn’t want to hurt the little girl. She got the impression Feanthar would’ve had a similar problem if Naomi had left him any chance for offense instead of just healing. Actually Naomi was doing a pretty good job healing herself from Sheya and Andrew’s attacks… How did that work? Were her miracles coming from herself? Or her father? Be kinda weird for ‘The Death Gate’ to grant healing miracles though…

Then Naomi spread her wings wide and flames erupted all around her as she called on a devastating level of magic that scorched all the air in the chamber in an instant, “I won’t let you kill my father!”

Vixie noticed Sheya and Andrew both glance back at Feanthar who shook his head wide-eyed as the entire area became an inky black void, “I-I can’t stop this one! I don’t have the strength to perform any more miracles of this level!”

Glancing back at Naomi, Vixie realized this was especially serious. She had to get her head in the game! Flames were radiating out from Naomi as Andrew covered himself with Banisher and Sheya braced herself to take anything headed in Feanthar’s direction… Then four blazing meteors appeared in the darkness behind Naomi and began hurtling toward the party. Vixie narrowed her eyes and set her fangs in a snarl as she began sprinting toward the incoming meteors.

Naomi directed the first two meteors to smash down on Vixie, but Vixie was ready! Leaping up to get a claw hold she pulled herself up and vaulted over the meteors—using frequent light touches to minimize any burning from contact with the flaming rocks—and then dove between the other two to roll up with both claws in Naomi’s stomach.

Tears streamed down Naomi’s cheeks as she stared, trembling, into Vixie’s eyes. The Temple reappeared around them. Vixie could smell the others bleeding and burned, but still there. She could smell Naomi’s rain-pure scent and her sweet hot blood.

“I’m sorry.” Vixie removed her bloody claws from the child in front of her.


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