Level 02 ~ Sheya cont’d

“What were the goblins after, Father?” Sheya looked seriously across at her father.

They were seated at the stone table in the common room of their apartment inside The Tower. Pelts and fabrics softened the rigidity of the stone building somewhat, but all the lines remained essentially hard. It complemented the soft human figures of father and daughter, separated from each other by the hard stone table between them and steel armor each still wore.

“I suspect they had meant to intercept this before it reached Tionburg!” The Commander laughed as he slid a scroll across the table to Sheya. “Damn near killed the messenger just getting here undetected.”

Taking the scroll Sheya asked curiously, “What is it? Some sort of magic?”

“Nope! It’s a contract!” The Commander laughed again, “Seems during a recent undead attack on the Stellan Temple, Heaven’s Staff came into the hands of a novice who used it to save the Temple. It’s the opinion of the Grand High Priest and his Archpriests that the Staff is meant to go out into the world to stem the rising darkness.”

Sheya’s eyes scanned coolly over the scroll, “So the Church is looking to hire our best to safeguard the Staff while this novice travels the world with it…” She looks up to her father, “Would you like me to assemble a team?”

The Commander stroked his beard thoughtfully. With her eyes on her father, Sheya could feel the cold of the night at her back, the warmth of the fire on her left, and the cool of the rest of their apartment to her right. It was a simple existence, a few luxuries but certainly nothing was wasted. Home was so familiar, it was comforting.

“Sheya… I want you to be the one to protect the Staff. Alone.”

Sheya’s eyes widened with disbelief. “Father, a contract this prestigious we can’t afford to mess up! The Church’s coffers run deep, and repeat business from them would be in our best interests.”

“Which is why I’m sending you.” The Commander nodded seriously, “Sheya, you are our best. I have full confidence in your ability to fulfill the letter of the contract. But now both the Stellan Temple and Tionburg have been attacked. Darker times are ahead, and I want to have the manpower to accept as many contracts as possible. I know there will be more! We’re going to make a killing this year!”

Sheya looked sternly back at her father, holding his gaze until he sobered up significantly. “Just watch the kinds of contracts you accept, Father. Remember, we’re not Demon Hunters. If the threat even sounds like fiends might be involved, leave it alone.”

The Commander reached across the table and clasped forearms with his daughter, “You have my word, Sheya. Be well.”


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  1. Sarah says:

    I really like the pictures that accompany each post! =D

  2. Chelsea says:

    Again, nice job! Have you ever thought of getting an literary agent?

    • davidludwig says:

      Not really, I always kind of figured agents were more for already established writers looking to improve their options, not aspiring writers with no publications to their name.

  3. davidludwig says:

    Thanks, it’s always good to hear when my writing is appreciated.

  4. davidludwig says:

    Thank you for reading and commenting!

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