Level 20 ~ Andrew

The succubus-girl, Letemra’s daughter, had escaped. Vixie dealt a critical wound, but the demon-girl teleported away before he could finish her off. With her miracle working, she was probably back to full health by now, but it didn’t look like she was coming back today. Feanthar was completely tapped out for high-level miracles, but was able to get everyone back to health with multiple lesser miracles. The cost for making it this far had already been too high, yet at the same time they were lucky to all still be alive. Feanthar wouldn’t be raising any dead today, and if the kid himself died…

Still they all agreed they had to press on. Letemra wouldn’t let them retreat at this point, and with some luck they could still end him once and for all. They came to the massive gemstone doors leading to the Life Sanctum, the heart of Silver Temple and all of Kakarus. Possibly the holiest place in all of Niar—he hadn’t been to the Stellan Temple so he couldn’t compare, but he always sort of thought the Stellan Order was somewhat lesser than the Silver Order. He’d never been allowed inside the Life Sanctum—only the very greatest of priests and Demon Hunters were ever admitted to the Life Sanctum… At the heart of which Letemra, The Death Gate, had appeared during his attack, and where the smug bastard still laired—feeding on the very soul of Kakarus. It was time for pay back!

Andrew kicked the doors in and they were blasted with dust, cobwebs and darkness  from the Life Sanctum—carried on an otherworldly cold that chilled the soul as much as the body. Andrew’s infected eye blazed as he stepped into the profaned Sanctum.

“Letemra! We’re here for you!” Andrew shouted as he searched the darkness for signs of their foe.

“Of course you are…” The voice that rasped out of the shadows was weak, like there was no air behind it, but omnipresent like it was boring right into their minds.

Then Andrew looked up as he realized Letemra was standing right in front of him. The pillar of darkness in the center of the room, was the fourteen foot tall god! Andrew cursed and stepped back to swinging range as Feanthar lit the room with Heaven’s Staff. Letemra, The Death Gate, was easily fourteen feet tall—but gaunt and emaciated with deathly pale skin that hung on his face and hands like it would on a corpse. Most of his long pale hair had fallen out and his yellow eyes were so deeply sunken into his skull-like face that they were hard to see. The rest of his form was obscured by his rich—though faded—robes and cloak, but it seemed likely that, all around, this god appeared as a giant’s corpse.

Feanthar stepped up behind Andrew, and the girls to either side. Feanthar couldn’t renew their holy auras again, but he began invoking lesser miracles of protection. Vixie remained shifted, and Sheya’s forward stance suggested she was going to gamble on an all-out offense. That was pretty much Andrew’s plan too.

Letemra curled his boney hand in a beckoning gesture toward the party, “Before I destroy you… I want you to know despair. I want you to see the futility of your action, and suffer…”

Even as Letemra finished saying this, he’d conjured an image of the western plains of Kakarus between himself and the party. King Cortez and the commander of the Northlander forces were beset by powerful demons and trying to rally their remaining troops to fight back against the demonic forces that had cut into the middle of the combined Landian/Northlander forces. Andrew saw Sheya tense out of the corner of his eye.

“You thought a human army could hold off a demonic one?” Letemra shook his head, “If you were counting on the remote miracles from the Stellan Temple supporting your side… Those won’t be coming any more; the Stellan Temple has fallen to one of my Hellstriker squads.”

Andrew heard Feanthar choke back a gasp behind him. Enough of this! Andrew raised Banisher to strike. “This is the end of you, fiend!”

Suddenly Andrew felt an intense cold leach into his body, and the way the others went stiff around him too, apparently meant they did too. As everything began to go dark Andrew heard Letemra cluck his tongue.

“You thought you could destroy a god?”


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