Level 20 ~ Andrew cont’d

They all died. Just like that. No fight, no exchange of blows… They hadn’t even gotten to say much. Andrew couldn’t accept that! They’d come too far, come too close, for it to all just end like that! Even in death, Andrew’s hands had remained clenched with Banisher ready and Oracle set into the hilt. Feanthar must’ve hung onto Heaven’s Staff too, because the next thing Andrew felt, saw, was the light cutting through the darkness as they achieved resonance again! Sheya and Vixie were there this time too though, and together briefly, in that light, Andrew realized that none of them was going down that easy. They wouldn’t let it end like this.

Andrew felt all his strength surging back as the resonance transformed Sheya and Vixie like it had him and Feanthar before. The kid must’ve gotten his strength back too, because as soon as they were face to face with the shocked corpse-god, Feanthar threw up new holy auras for all of them, and then the fight was on!

Holy flames blazed over Vixie’s claws and her every movement left behind gorgeous fire-images as she mirrored Andrew’s movements to tear into Letemra from every side. Holy lightning seemed to constantly be coursing from the Temple around them into Banisher so that every swing and cleave was a thunderous strike highlighted in a brilliant arc. Letemra’s dark magic and godly power was tearing at their souls and blasting them away from the evil god—but it wouldn’t drop them outright again. The resonance was in full swing for all four of them and even as the minutes dragged on, Andrew knew they were going to win, somehow.

Just as Sheya’s attacks were augmented by fire and ice, her strategy ranged from brutal bone-breaking strikes when she had an opening to shutting down Letemra’s attacks—particularly when they were aimed at Feanthar. And the kid… Wow. Wings of holy light had spread from Feanthar’s back and he was raining down divine judgment on Letemra simultaneously with healing everyone. This was a new tier of holy power, even for Feanthar. The gods really had chosen them to be the instrument of justice against Letemra, praise Valor!

“Worms!” Letemra hissed, “Paltry maggots! How dare you challenge me?!”

Then Letemra’s body seemed to fracture, and fragments of his bones shot out everywhere through his robes and skin, which fell vacated to the floor. Andrew didn’t quite bring Banisher around to blocking position in time and fell to his knees as bone fragments pierced his celestial armor and began rotting him from the inside. Andrew cursed as he saw the others had gone down too, the largest bone fragment sticking out of Feanthar—its aura visibly battling with Heaven’s Staff, which the kid struggled to keep his grip on even as he appeared to be blacking out.

“Your dirty tricks won’t stop us!” Vixie hissed as she shook Letemra’s bone fragments out of her body vigorously along with the blackened rot they had been causing. Her lycanthropic healing took over from there as she made her way to Feanthar and pulled out the large bone.

Once Vixie had Feanthar back on his feet, Feanthar was able to heal everybody back to functioning. Then the bone fragments reformed into a massive skeleton, upon which the infernal form of a massive devil appeared. Laughing, Letemra gazed down on them with hellfire in his eyes. With a yell Andrew smashed Banisher into a cleaving cut across the devil-god’s stomach, but the cut was much shallower than it should have been…

“Your cold iron weapons won’t do you any good now!” Letemra laughed, “And after all the trouble you went to slaying my dragon to get them.”

“He’s a devil now.” Andrew grit his teeth for a hard fight. They could handle devils, but Letemra was right, they had come here geared up to battle demons. “A lot’s going to carry over, but now silver would be a lot more helpful than cold-iron.”

Vixie fell back behind Andrew as he pressed his attack against Letemra. Then he noticed she was giving Sheya her hands to vault up for Letemra’s face!

“Mere and Luna were always silver!” Sheya smiled as she plunged her sword breakers into Letemra’s eyes, “Only the hand guards are cold-iron now.”

Sheya rolled away as Letemra fell shrieking to his knees. Feanthar flew in low with the light of a True Miracle blazing over Heaven’s Staff.

“We will never allow our world to succumb to your darkness!” Feanthar yelled, and Andrew grinned as he raised Banisher and Oracle to receive the True Miracle.

“You thought all mortals were weaker than you?” Andrew grinned with satisfaction as he cleaved through Letemra with the force of Feanthar’s Miracle and the resonance. And the godly essence was absorbed into Oracle.


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