Starship Omoikane




Before Earth was lost 550 years ago, mankind managed to develop and launch 12 Inspiration Class Starships, each with a livable area the size of California, to take survivors in search of a new future for humanity. The Omoikane is one of those Starships.

This is a large Sci-fi epic that I really want to do right, so more information will be able to be posted here once I’ve gotten a chance to actually start on it. Fifty years after leaving Earth, data was found in the Omoikane’s computers that was able to be translated into a prophecy that a human machine would one day save the Omoikane from an event identified only as The Cataclysm. The story would follow a Sage-Class Android named Kasumi Ender who is among the androids created to try and fulfill the prophecy.

Though each could stand alone, the idea is for a trilogy of movies to tell the full story.

Omoikane Prophecy

Omoikane Captain

Omoikane Sage

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