Gallery 2

Okay, I think I’ve figured out this gallery thing now. The trick is all the pictures have to be added before the page is published, otherwise we get into the pictures eating each other problem. Doesn’t seem like that should be the case, but what can you do with limited web-savvy? Go on to Page 3

The main Stellan Temple is the most holy building on the continent of Yore and houses the Lunian, Solanian, Jovarian and Chronisian Orders of priesthood as well as the relic, Heaven's Staff.

Grand High Priest Tolorth flanked by Archpriests Bensen and Reginald of the Chronisian Order.

Archpriests Abbot and Nigel of the Chronisian Order.

Archpriests Lance and Kain of the Chronisian Order.

Feanthar and Sheya fight bandits on the Sacred Plateau.

You know you've got a good party member when they went alone into the dungeon where they join you.

Demons; sometimes there are more inside.

Long lines don't make Andrew happy. Especially when people cut.

It'd be a pretty awesome game fight, but I guess no one liked the art style.

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