Level 03 ~ Vixie

With her hands upturned and her head tilted back Vixie turned slowly in place and breathed deeply. All the intoxicating smells of the market came rushing to her. Right here, five steps to the southwest of the center of the square, was the sweet spot. She could smell the roasting meat with just the right hint of the confectioner’s behind it, and all the wonderful spices and perfumes from other market corners. Opening her eyes to watch the villagers going about their daily lives she had to smirk and shake her head a little. All these people so absorbed in their humdrum lives, they didn’t even notice that it was five degrees warmer today than it had been yesterday. Vixie could tell. She could smell her leather bodice and boots breathing a little more today. A shame she had to leave her cloak on, but no reason to offend these peoples’ sensibilities and invite unwanted attention.

Sighing, Vixie left the sweet spot to get out of the way of a fat man pushing a cart of fish. They’d smell better once they were cooked, but already Vixie’s stomach gave a slight rumble. She hadn’t eaten in a few hours, but she was down to her last coppers. She couldn’t afford more than 3 meals a day unless she wanted to get a serious job. And that would mean settling down somewhere. Vixie sat down on the edge of the town fountain and breathed in its pure refreshing spray to clear her head. There were children playing ball nearby. Everything was so peaceful. It made her heart ache for home. But she knew she couldn’t go back yet. Her reason for leaving hadn’t been resolved yet. The reason she couldn’t stay anywhere for too long.

“Oh no! Look out miss!” One of the children shouted.

Vixie smiled happily as the ball came sailing at her, clearly a wild shot by one of the little boys. Reflexively she raised her elbow under her cloak and shot the ball straight back into the hands of the little boy who’d warned her. It was good to hear their laughter. Even better that she’d been able to defend herself without flashing anyone. Seriously, these lowlanders dressed way too conservatively and it was warmer down here and everything. Vixie liked showing off what she had, and at home it certainly caught the guys’ eyes, even if it did annoy the other girls. But down here… Well, the reaction wasn’t the same. Probably the Church’s fault.

“Oh no!…” The same child gasped again.

Vixie was about to turn and smile to the kids again, but then she caught a whiff of something and knew there wasn’t a ball flying at her this time. Dried herbs, gunky oils, and dead reptile parts in velvet. The kids had seen the cultists coming into the town square. Dark Hooded figures who smelled way too dry. Never worked, never exerted themselves, never sweated. They used magic to get whatever they wanted from whoever they wanted. The Church was a nuisance, but these guys were evil.

“We have come for the summer sacrifices!” The Cult Leader announced. “Which of these children will give their lives that your village be spared?”


2 Responses

  1. Chelsea says:

    “Dried herbs, gunky oils, and dead reptile parts in velvet.” Sounds like my grandma…lol, jk.

  2. J.T. says:

    At least the cultist are nice enough to ask who wants to be sacrificed, instead of just taking random kids.

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