Level 24 ~ Vixie

The villagers didn’t know what had happened, what Vixie, Andrew and Naomi had just been through in the old well. They just saw three cloaked travelers making their way from the church grounds toward the one tavern and inn in town in the sweet smelling rain. Vixie didn’t even know exactly what had happened this time herself. The thing had looked dead, and then… Pain, fear, confusion… And she had stopped feeling like herself, nearly forgot who she was. But then she had heard Andrew’s voice, and the next thing she knew she was in her hybrid form and he was holding her to him and it was really over.

Vixie took another deep breath through her nose. She’d, of course, changed back to her human form before returning to town. The rain washed away most of the smells in the air, giving the town a clean slate and a sort of clean pure scent. But even through that she could smell Andrew’s musky-sweaty smell. That thing in the well had probably been their hardest fight since parting ways with Feanthar and Sheya, so she and Andrew had both worked pretty hard to win that one. Interestingly enough, Naomi’s scent blended into the rain so completely Vixie almost couldn’t tell the little girl was there.

Vixie glanced back at Naomi. They’d have to get Naomi a room to rest, but then Vixie intended to visit Andrew tonight. A warm sort of tingle shot through her body at the thought. She’d be all over him, even in the middle of town in the rain, if they didn’t have Naomi to think about. And then Andrew was holding the door to the inn open for them. Very gentlemanly. There were too many gentlemen in the world. What Vixie really liked about Andrew was his power, his unwavering physical presence.

“Oh! Welcome to The Old General Tavern and Inn!” A mousy woman with tangled pale red hair and over-large glasses stumbled around from behind the counter, practically groveling. “You must be the Demon Hunters the church hired to take care of the fiend that’s been stalking our streets!”

Vixie frowned, there was something about this woman… A smokey scent of incense. Was she a spell-caster? There was a hard subtle smell too, like crystal? Then the whole inn was choked with dust, Vixie could already smell there were rooms upstairs that probably hadn’t even been opened all month. Pantry smelled good though. Simple and scantily stocked, but everything was reasonably fresh.

“You knew about that, huh?” Andrew smiled to the inn-keeper, actually smiled, as he and Vixie lowered their hoods.

“Oh! Well,” the inn-keeper was floored by Andrew’s presence, and Vixie had to admit he looked pretty good after a fight. Satisfied. “My, my parents were the first victims… That’s why I’m alone here. But if there’s anything I can do for you! Please, I’m ever so grateful for what you’ve done!”

Vixie cocked an eyebrow, “How do you know that we’ve done anything? We just got to town a couple hours ago.”

“Oh! Well, “ the inn-keeper pushed her glasses back up before they slipped off the end of her nose, “I, uh, I’d been scrying on you… I couldn’t get a really clear image down in the well, but I think I still got the gist of what happened… It was there, and you killed it. See, I’ve been teaching myself magic, because I was going to, to avenge my parents… But, well, I couldn’t really, scry on it… You know? It was, I guess I’m still not very good.”

Andrew shook his head, “Well, it’s taken care of now. If we could get something to eat though, we’ve all had a hard day. Then some soft beds.”

The inn-keeper’s name was Patricia, and Vixie had to hand it to her—she was a really good cook. Not gourmet by any stretch, not even uncommon, but able to provide the solid and reliable comfort food that travelers learned to look forward to. It was really the simple things you missed on the road, having meat and vegetables and bread with the meal. Something strong to drink. Naomi even managed to identify a cantrip Patricia had used to good effect to enhance the flavors of the meal.

Then they retired to their rooms. And once Naomi was tucked in, Vixie slipped out to see Andrew.


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