Team Neo-Shieldfront

“Follow the friendship of three young heroes as they live, play, and save their universe from evil.”

Team Neo-Shieldfront is set in my Three Systems setting, comprised of three united Solar Systems loosely governed by an inter-galactic council though by and large the individual systems remain mostly autonomous. Technology and magic both exist in the Three Systems, though in different balances depending on the system and even the planet.

The Team itself is a “mercenaries for good causes” organization formed when three young heroes from different worlds realize that each of them have saved their respective planets from destruction and decide that would be a cool requirement for a club. Although they all have powerful enemies, their previous heroics have the Three Systems in a relatively peaceful state going into the series. All three are extremely athletic young men and each episode will highlight a different sport as well as a villain or enemy for the team to face–frequently with appearances by acquaintances from one or more of the heroes’ pasts.

Toby Maguire is the Team Leader, a 16 year old swordsman and general blademaster. He comes from a world of renaissance level technology, where magic is extremely rare but generally powerful when encountered. As such his world wasn’t pulled into the Alliance until its discovery by a more advanced world. Toby relies on skill and a keen tactical mind and when necessary is capable of performing super-human techniques based on the blade he is holding.

Kid Rune is the Team Spellcaster, a 15 year old intergalactic hunter skilled with a wide range of weapons as well as strong magic. He comes from the most technologically advanced world, which in turn is also a world of high magic. Kid Rune’s world was the first to develop space travel and as such is the cornerstone of the Alliance. Kid Rune is a swift combatant with an amazing array of tricks up his sleeve from technology to magic to raw skill.

Lunk Lunkenheimer is the Team Berserker, and the youngest at 14. Lunk is the least predictable of the team members with incredible strength and when it suits him resourcefulness, and while he can often be distracted from his objectives he can never be deterred often fighting well beyond any reasonable limitations. Lunk’s world is the least technologically advanced of the three heroes, but the power and level of magic there allows certain powerful individuals to travel to other worlds without the aide of starships.

Sample Episodes:

  1. Take the Field (Kid Rune’s soccer tournament is interrupted by the machinations of Toby’s old nemesis)
  2. Off Road (Evil seems to have found the Team when they meet a mysterious warrior while dirt biking)
  3. Championship (Two romantic interests from Lunk’s homeworld come to see him in a major wrestling tournament, but what happens when the mysterious Hel tries to use their rivalry to get to Lunk?)
  4. Win Big (Toby’s girlfriend comes to visit in time for a big BMX competition, but not all of the competitors are what they seem.)


The series could also potentially feature full-length movies in a more Olympics style presentation instead of focusing on a single sport.

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