I think a creative network is extremely important, plus it’s handy to have a nice little repository of awesome sites linked here on mine.


The Azn Badger – This is my friend Trevor’s blog, awesome Magic Card spoofs, comedic insights to the entertainment industry and life in general, and some really sweet creative stuff I’m eagerly watching to see how it comes out. Plus extremely frequent updates, so there’s always something to read. NOTE: The Magic Cards seem to be getting phased out for wrestling nostalgia.

The Glitterlady – My friend Stevie’s blog, an outlet for some truly incredible short fiction which is worth checking out for anyone with an interest in creativity and characters, and especially powerful passion for fashion and romance that make them accessible even to people who don’t know anything about them. She also has a novel called Torn over at Book Country.

Earl “Andy” Isbel – He’s got a few aliases, so probably swing by the site and pick the one you like–all the ones I’m aware of are listed there. Andy’s a creative with a real passion for crossing disciplines to find the medium best suited to his vision, and it looks like in time this site will be a repository for all his work from excellent artwork, graphic narratives, written work and even video-games (very excited to see the first one of those).

Brittany – My friend Brittany’s blog is full of great writing, great reading and profoundly deep thoughts. It doesn’t seem to update terribly often, but when it does it provides seeds for long intellectual conversation and true introspection.

Serena – My friend Serena’s blog, an art blog and her artwork is absolutely gorgeous. She’s got a great style I can’t describe that’s at times cartoony and always poetic and with her work ethic I’m sure this’ll be a site to monitor.

Sean Parker Films – My friend Sean’s website. His films are absolutely amazing and I’m sure I don’t personally know a better film-maker, he’s got the sense of humor and eye for action and everything else you could want from a guy who’s going to be entertaining you.

Julian – My friend Julian’s blog, doesn’t seem like much is up there yet but like Serena he’s an amazing artist with this great cartoony style and one of the people I met while trying to get in to the art community to find potential contacts more qualified to do art for my stories than me.

Parisian Picnics – My friend Ava’s website. She’s a nutritional coach, and her company is called Parisian Picnics. She’s got a wonderful upbeat personality and is really fun to work with, so since she seems passionate about this I have every reason to believe she’d be great at it.

Elsie – Not sure which name to use here, so going with the comments on the site. She’s got her own blog, last I checked–sorry, it’s been a while!–but that’s invitation only. Fortunately the KidPub location does seem to be available for public viewing. The membership is too rich for me to be able to comment or anything like that, but just getting to read her stuff is great. Up and coming creative here, she’ll be someone to watch!

Writers: (this category is specifically writers who I only know through their writing) – A very fresh and original writer I met through the 7 Sins blog challenge. I’m kind of hung up on her cat fiction because of that challenge, but she has a very warm real voice in her work that invites the reader compellingly to see things from the character’s point of view. – A pseudonym with a dual existence with a Poet and the recent addition of “Manny” the manuscript. A beautiful mastery of language and elegance to his expression that makes everything by him a joy to read. – Absolutely mind-blowing short fiction, I don’t feel like I know her as well as some of the others from the blog challenge but I am still more than comfortable recommending her short fiction. So far every thing I’ve read by her has surprised me in incredibly innovative ways. – An urban fantasy writer I met through the blog challenge. Her words, worlds and images are sheer brilliance and everything I’ve read of hers really sticks with me and touches all my senses to one degree or another. There’s a real vitality to her work that I love. – One of the most intelligent writers I’ve encountered, she crafts her characters and worlds with a deep sense of history (in fact is a historical romance writer) that really brings everything to life and gives her work a weight and presence it couldn’t have on its own. – I’m not really sure what to tell you about Rosie Lane, she’s a clever writer and I know she was poetically cruel to her sinners in the 7 Sins Blog Challenge. I enjoy her style and continue to check back to her blog, but feel in poor position to really tell you what she’s about.

Toxic Musings – ‘Timony Souler, who served as my introduction to the world of blog challenges and whose site I continue to watch for more opportunities to connect with other writers. In her own work she can take a very few words and craft fiction with amazing depth to it, and in the case of the sins a darkness even in the most mundane of examples. -Emilia Quill is an absolutely astounding fantasy writer I met through the 7 Virtues Blog Challenge. Her imaginative worlds and fantastic creatures are so delightfully engaging and colorful, a good time is pretty much guaranteed on every visit to her site. – Kathy is from Australia, and writing isn’t the main thing on her website though I definitely love everything she writes. Instead I suppose she’s one of those well-rounded people who is involved in a does a variety of things–including knitting–and is friendly enough to let you be a part of that if you’re interested. -Lena is working on a lot, including a thesis and if I remember correctly 3 novels. Everything she’s working on seems so different from her other projects, but you only have to read a little of her writing to know this is someone with a real appreciation for the whole. The fact that she’s working on so much is just evidence of how much she has to draw on in assembling her words–and you can bet she’ll do it well.

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