Level 26 ~ Taecendar

Taecendar shook his head as the four of them trudged up the path beginning its ascent toward The Lost Dragon’s Pass. Generally he could tell a lot about people just by the way they walked. Vixie flowed over the terrain like a breeze, she always had. Her steps were quiet and if you didn’t know she was there she really did sound like a light mountain breeze. Of course like a breeze she always had a direction. Taecendar smiled to himself as he remembered all the times as children he’d frustrated her in their games by being able to anticipate her moves.

Then there was Andrew… His steps were so heavy and deliberate… Everything about him just seemed so obvious, blunt, and straight forward. How had he defeated Taecendar? Taecendar still didn’t understand. Hadn’t he read the larger man’s every move perfectly right up to the point where he was suddenly defeated? He still couldn’t wrap his head around the idea that the Demon Hunter might have any kind of subtlety to him at all. He just seemed so crude… But he’d managed to destroy the blessed silver-staff the Bishop had given Taecendar as easily as cutting firewood.

Finally the little girl… Her robes whispered as she moved, but other than that she was perfectly silent. Maybe the most unsettling thing was that Taecendar had this strange feeling that she was just letting her robes whisper for his benefit—that if she chose she could literally make no sound at all. Nobody really seemed to know what to tell him about her, so most of his questions remained unanswered. Though apparently she was simultaneously a powerful mage and miracle worker, and had been able to restore his holy staff with a gesture and a word. He’d never even heard of anyone having the kind of power she did—except in god legends—and even then no one so young.

Taecendar’s own steps were like Vixie’s, if somewhat less constant. He supposed he just liked to hear the change in rhythm as he altered the length and/or speed of his stride, always in increments small enough that the end result could only be broken down by the most perceptive. Of course, the Bishop and his lady guardian had both commented on it now that he thought about it.

“So,” Vixie glanced back at Taecendar, “Calon’s under siege by half-trolls?”

Taecendar flipped his staff around to use the other end as his walking stick for a while, “Yeah… Really powerful ones though, I’ve never seen anything like it. The one with the big black armor is the one who injured your father.”

“They’re half-fiends…” Andrew scowled, looking into the cross-road he wore around his neck most of the time. “Specially bred to conquer the world. Calon’s just a dry run.”

Then Naomi lowered her hood and looked up the mountain ahead of them, “They’re attacking now.”

Vixie began sprinting for Calon, still several miles off, “Then let’s go!”

Reflexively Taecendar matched Vixie’s pace in a low dash after her, alongside the thunderous dash of Andrew in his armor. Taecendar was going to be amazed if Andrew even made it up the mountain like that.

“I’ll hold them off!” Naomi called after them, but when Taecendar glanced back the little girl was already gone without a trace.


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