Dark Hunters

Few individuals are truly aware of the terrors that lurk in the dark corners of our world. Fewer still effectively fight against them, they are the Dark Hunters.

First Scenario: A young man named David discovered an ancient tome with the secrets behind the darkness of the world encoded into it, and more importantly the power to fight that darkness. Assembling a modern team of Dark Hunters based on knowledge in the book, David and his team find themselves on the forefront of a resurgence in the ancient war between good and evil. No sooner have they begun getting into the swing of Dark Hunting than they discover a plot by the manaical Dr. Edgar to destroy the world–but will defeating the mad doctor actually thwart his diabolical plans?

Second Scenario: Daisuke is a passionate high-school student in Japan who dreams of heroism and Dark Hunting, and is the senior member of his school’s small and unpopular Dark Hunter Club. He believes his faculty adviser’s strange theories that a great battle between good and evil is coming, though the rest of the club doesn’t take it as seriously as he does. Until the legendary immortal Dark Hunter, Anastasia, shows up in Japan to stem a rising tide of darkness. The appearance of a powerful figure from Anastasia’s past forces her to swallow her pride and accept help from the nascent Dark Hunter Club.

Third Scenario: David’s team from America teams up with Club Dark Hunter from Japan when an alliance between the evil Dr. Edgar and legendary demon Alhazard threaten the entire world with a darkness unknown in modern times. Even with their combined resources the team find themselves playing defense against an enemy that seems to be able to be everywhere at once.

Ideally I would like to see “Dark Hunters” as a trilogy of video-games in the strategy/RPG genre. The first scenario would emphasize the strategy aspect where if you don’t consider your team’s strengths and weaknesses adequately you will be unable to complete the missions. The second scenario follows different characters and skews more to the RPG side of the spectrum where you can “power level” one or two of your characters to the point where their power is enough to complete most missions even without exceptional strategy ability. The third scenario would be an average between the two as the two teams come together.

My entries for Lady Antimony‘s 7 Sins and 7 Virtues blog challenges deal with the setting and characters of the Dark Hunter trilogy. More of Anastasia’s past is revealed in one of Lady Antimony’s Dice Games challenges.

September 12

Nightgale 1/4


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