Level 29 ~ Feanthar

The wind flew softly through Grand High Priest Feanthar’s office adjoining the Illuminated Courtyard. At this altitude the air was too thin to have the depth of voice he had encountered during his travels in the lowlands, over the sea and even in the desecrated remains of Kakarus. The air was light and free, and he loved to listen to it even when others could barely feel it. Tonight it told him that autumn was coming, the north would soon be covered in snow and the Temple would see many fewer pilgrims between now and the spring thaw.

Feanthar stood up and crossed his arms in his sleeves for warmth as he walked over to the door of his office to look out into the Illuminated Courtyard. He liked to leave his door open so he could listen to the wind, the night, the world. But it did mean he had to encase his bookshelves and papers in protective miracles to protect from the occasional powerful gust of wind. Looking at the statue of The Miracle Worker, with Heaven’s Staff returned to his stony grasp, Feanthar could hardly believe that just a season ago he had been carrying the holy staff himself far away from the Stellan Temple.

Closing his eyes he listened to the hum of the staff. The world was still recovering from the war with the evil god. A surprise attack on the Stellan Temple itself at the critical point in the final battle had claimed the lives of Grand High Priest Tolorth and three of his six archpriests. Their sacrifice had spared the Temple greater losses, but by the time Feanthar and Sheya had returned with news of Letemra’s defeat, the loss of leadership had already begun to erode morale in the Church. Feanthar was particularly distressed to see clergy as high up as the Solanian Order questioning their faith in Heaven after hellish forces claimed the lives of more than half the Chronias Order including the Grand High Priest himself. Archpriest Reginald had taken charge of the Church and kept it on track in the interim, directed rebuilding efforts—but his militaristic approach was less than comforting to those who hadn’t been trained in the Church Militant as he had.

Feanthar sighed as he glanced down at his own robes, bestowed upon him by Heaven itself during the final battle. The robes of a member of the Chronias Order. It had actually been Archpriest Reginald who put forward the idea that as bearer of Heaven’s Staff and vanquisher of the evil god, Feanthar should step in as the new Grand High Priest. It was a role he was still getting used to, but he truly believed in the Church’s power to do good in the world and knew people everywhere needed the light of Heaven to guide them through the long recovery from that terrible war.

He wouldn’t let the world down. Things were going to be better than they’d ever been, even before the Fall of Kakarus. First he had to finish healing the Church; then Landis; and from there find a way to heal Kakarus too. It was a long road, but he knew Heaven was with him.


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  1. Denise says:

    Good story! It is left with great potential for other future adventures.

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