Level 29 ~ Naomi

Naomi brushed her hair back out of her eyes as she turned around to take one last look at the planet of Niar below her. It was a small sphere, maybe half the size of Earth—with similar land to water ratios, though really only two continents to speak of. Naomi had liked it there. She’d found happiness, love and acceptance in spite of having gone there to join her father’s plans to destroy the world. Vixie and Andrew had saved her, saved her from becoming the thing that all her life everyone but her mother had insisted she was destined to be.

Naomi flexed her wings to maintain her position as a solar wind tried to carry her off into space, ruffling her now-white robes. She wanted to stay a little longer. To say goodbye. She hadn’t been able to save Andrew, couldn’t fight the demon that called himself Rusty, couldn’t even lift her father’s curse on Kakarus. But she was still just a child, and she knew that now. There was so much more she was capable of, if only she learned how. So she was leaving Niar. She was going to find Eric, to see if he knew anything about Rusty, and if he could help her save Andrew or lift the curse on Kakarus. Eric was the most powerful deity she knew of, even her father had feared the legendary Sword-God. If anyone could stop so fearful a demon as Rusty it would be Eric. But if she wanted to find him she’d probably have to start by returning to Earth. Eric traveled a lot, but always seemed to make his way back to Earth eventually.

Naomi smiled as she flew out into the stars, a mixture of fear and hope soaring in her heart. Niar was her home now. She would return.


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