Level 03 ~ Vixie cont’d

Vixie stood up between the cultists and the children, shrugging her cloak aside she raised her gloved hands in front of her. Each finger and thumb was tipped with a bronze claw. Cracking her fingers she snarled at the Cult Leader, “Sacrifice this!”

“Insolent harlot! You will learn your place!” The Cult Leader turned his attention to Vixie.

Maybe she should get something else to wear besides the bodice. She was getting really sick of all the harlot comments. Vixie glanced around quickly to see what she was working with. The kids were cowering behind the fountain; poor things actually looked like they expected to be sacrificed. The adults had all taken cover when Vixie challenged the cultists. She was on her own, but it was probably better that way. Riding a blast of black smoke that stung Vixie’s nostrils the Cult Leader flew up on top of a nearby building while his lackeys began conjuring blades of magical force that they then sent hurtling through the air toward Vixie. At least they weren’t underestimating her. The Cultists weren’t really sponsored by any sort of divine being, they couldn’t perform miracles, but in a lot of ways their magic was actually scarier than if they could perform miracles.

Leaning and weaving out of the way of the force blades Vixie began an erratic dash toward the corner of the building the Cult Leader was on. Normal blades wouldn’t be touching her, she was too good for that. Unfortunately magic had a way of never missing entirely. Even as the blades of force flew by her, Vixie could feel searing burns open on her arms, shoulder and one on her cheek. She’d be fine in a week, but it still stung. Laughing as she stepped up lightly onto the corner of the building, Vixie changed course, and using momentum and a shop sign stuck in the wall, she ran up the side of the building to somersault over and straight for the Cult Leader as he finished casting a spell. Clearly not happy to see her, and clearly hoping the spell worked.

Magic had a way of never missing entirely as a rule. Vixie was an exception to that rule. If she timed it just right she could dodge a spell completely, and that’s exactly what she did with the howling miasma that came from the Cult Leader’s palms. Rolling under it she sprung up under his guard and unceremoniously ripped out his throat. Cartwheeling away from the spray of blood, Vixie turned a predatory smile toward the lackeys on the ground and breathed deeply. Now they were sweating. Vixie leapt from the roof with claws poised and disposed of the lackeys quickly. After a quick glance to make sure no one could see she licked the blood off one of her claws, but quickly regretted doing so. These guys tasted awful! Amazing how giving your soul to the darkness can ruin the flavor.

The children were the first to thank her, very quickly followed by the grateful parents. She used her cloak to hide her immodest purple bodice and bloody claws. And graciously she accepted the parents’ offers to treat her to lunch and dinner—each of which she tore into with gusto. The village elders of course remained concerned that the cult would return in force, but when Vixie promised to track them back to their headquarters and end things there too, the elders were even willing to give her some gold to help her on her way.

She was Vixie Hart, and life was pretty good.


4 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I like her! She was the one I was consulted on, right?

  2. J.T. says:

    I thought darkness was suppose to bring out a smoky metallic flavor in the blood? Good job on the fight scene.

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