Level 29 ~ Sheya

Sheya smiled as she took a bite from the firm flesh of the flawless red apple in her hand and swallowed the sweet juices. There really was something to be said for the fruits of a miracle worker’s garden. She was leaning comfortably against the cool stone of one of the support pillars for the central tower of the Stellan Temple while Feanthar welcomed new aspirants to the Church himself, a few paces off. There was crispness to the air that would soon change to bitter cold. Her first winter at the Temple.

She could feel several of the lower ranked priests watch her pretty much wherever she went. Even though she wasn’t part of the Church hierarchy and had no formal training in doctrine, these novices recognized her as their superior. It felt good, and she had the same sort of authority whenever she visited Tionburg these days. In Tionburg she was the official liaison to the influential Stellan Temple, and had the same respect and authority as her father, The Commander. People seemed more willing to come to the Church with their problems, especially if they were poor. And since Feanthar had taken over as Grand High Priest, the Church didn’t mind dipping into its own coffers to cover the cost of fixing the problems of the little people. Bandits, monsters, lingering Death Cultists, it was a good time for mercenary contracts. That sort of military respect proportionate to her station pleased Sheya. For as long as she remembered it was the sort of honor she had been working for.

The way the clergy looked up to her was different though. She was the personal body-guard to the Grand High Priest, but that wasn’t an official position and didn’t define her status in relation to the priests. It certainly didn’t give her any clearly defined authority. Nonetheless they recognized her bond with their holiest priest, and held some reverence for her because they knew she had fought in the battle against the evil god. The priests treated her like a living saint. Which she definitely wasn’t, and yet it felt good. She’d never really had time for religion before, but maybe now would be a good time to learn. There were definitely times when she was seized with the holiness of the atmosphere and felt like maybe she could work miracles herself.

Sheya laughed before taking another bite of her apple. Feanthar was using his miracles to create the flowers for his garden allegory. It felt really good, just being here.


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