Level 29 ~ Taecendar

Taecendar, Vixie and Layla were cutting through the monster infested northern Viura Mountains to reach Heathhill before the weather turned and made the mountains impassible. He had first watch, so he poked the embers of their fire with a stick and listened to the night-birds keeping watch with him. The bird song was beautiful, and as long as he could hear it they weren’t in any danger.

Layla had been as surprised as he was when Vixie had suggested they visit the Stellan Temple. But Layla had pretty much mastered her transformations by now, so really she could go home any time without worry. And thinking about it, she probably found it really comforting to go to such a holy site and not have anyone give her a second glance. Apparently the Grand High Priest and his body-guard knew Layla was a were-creature, but they didn’t seem to mind and didn’t let on to anyone else. Grand High Priest. Who knew the bishop who gave Taecendar the staff that helped him find Vixie was on his way to the very top spot? Taecendar supposed he would’ve known if he’d recognized the staff that the bishop carried himself as Heaven’s Staff.

Grand High Priest Feanthar and his bodyguard, Sheya, had been devastated to learn about Andrew’s demise. Taecendar and Layla pretty much sat on the side of that conversation, and he started to really get his first sense of just what those four had been through together. The thing with Rusty had been over so quickly, and they’d basically lost. But Feanthar, Sheya, Vixie and Andrew had defeated a god together. Saved the entire world from certain annihilation. He’d never been part of anything like that; he just joined on with the clean-up crew after the fact.

And Andrew… He’d sacrificed himself to save Taecendar. Looking back, Taecendar couldn’t imagine doing the same for the Demon Hunter. Clear up to the end he still didn’t really like him, never saw Andrew as much more than a rival for Vixie’s affections. Taecendar still didn’t understand Andrew. He knew one thing though. Andrew had loved Vixie. Really loved her. Taecendar was sure of that now, because Andrew had been willing to go to Hell and leave Taecendar with Vixie—all so that Vixie could be happy.

Taecendar looked over to where Vixie and Layla were curled up in matching sleeping positions and smiled. He’d honor the Demon Hunter’s sacrifice. He’d do whatever it took to keep Vixie happy.


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