Audrey Prince, age 15, wiped her glasses on her blouse with one hand before shoving them back up her nose to examine the foliage around her. Was it day again already? Well, that would hardly be the strangest thing she’d seen in the last twenty-four hours if it was. She craned her neck to look under the nearby ferns half-heartedly. It didn’t look like Andromalus was around. Who ever heard of a talking cat anyway?

Audrey sighed and shifted the heavy tome in her arms to a more comfortable position. Curious. She had a little fern in a pot back home that was a lot like the ones surrounding her now, and just past the ferns were deciduous trees like the ones in her favorite park. She closed her eyes and breathed in the warm air. She was in a cool bubble of green, protecting her from the blistering sun just outside the foliage. It reminded her of summer holidays spent reading under the shade of the trees in the city park. Only it was much quieter here. A few birds chirped almost as soon as she noticed the silence, but Audrey couldn’t see any signs of animal life as she looked around.

Shifting the book to her other arm, Audrey decided to walk a little ways. She needed to find a place to sit, and set this weight down. Normally she loved books, but this one was different. This one had been shoved into her lap by a black cat in her favourite second-hand bookshop. She ran her fingertips over the ornately gold-etched cover. It was a gorgeous book, and so big. If it were a story book she could’ve spent all summer with it. But no, this wasn’t a story book. When she had opened it to the first page the cat had started talking to her.

He informed her his name was Andromalus, and that he was actually a wizard from a world called Fantasia. The tome he had given her was his personal spell-book, and he needed her to master the spells in it to defeat the wicked sorceress who had transformed him into a feline. Her, the least popular girl in her Catholic Grammar School. The wallflower. It all seemed like something out of one of her story books. But if she’d known that turning the page would transport her into this fantasy world, would she have done it?

Audrey’s delicate steps finally brought her out of the ferns and to a grassy opening by a tranquil pond that seemed to smile at her as it gently reflected the light of the over-head sun. And there was a lovely white bench by the side of the pond! Audrey quickened her steps to reach the bench and set down Andromalus’ spell-book before dropping contentedly next to the tome.

It felt so good to sit down, but at the same time she wasn’t nearly as tired as she thought she’d be. Her first day in Fantasia had been a long, and for bookworm-Audrey strenuous, hike through the hinterlands lugging this incredible, terrible book that had pulled her from her dull life as a nobody and thrust her into an ancient world with a haughty black cat telling her she had to become a great wizard and return him to his true form. At the end of that day she didn’t even care that she was sleeping on the forest floor, as long as it meant she wasn’t walking anymore.

She was surprised the night had been so short and that she felt so rested. So at ease. There was something familiar about this forest she hadn’t noticed the night before. She wasn’t in any hurry for Andromalus to come back, though she was sure he would.











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  1. Glitterlady says:

    Very cute illustrations. Say YAY and CHEERS to the artist! Now that she is transported to some land called Fantasia is she going to read the book or will something steal it from her? Dun DUN DUN! I like Audrey, she seems shy and sweet.

  2. Sarah says:

    The artwork is awesome!
    Audrey reminds me somewhat of myself… can’t wait to read more!

  3. Miss Mari says:

    Hooray, the first Lost Girl’s Society post~

    I’m glad the artwork is being enjoyed. It’s really fun working with David~

  4. Charitygirlblog (Margaret) says:

    Agreed, very cute! She reminds me a bit of the boy in the Neverending Story. I love the idea of her hanging round 2nd book shops… Sounds like she dreams of being a poet where he folks want her to be a lawyer!

  5. Sarah says:

    I like the current phrasing myself, but I’m not familiar with “2nd book shop.”

  6. Llux says:

    I really like the way you evoke atmosphere here, and the artwork contributes well to it. It’s interesting that she already seems to have cast one spell, to keep herself cool. So far, I’m waiting to see who she is, I feel like I haven’t really gotten to see her inner thoughts or emotions, just a moment of utmost tranquility. Definitely a cute character, both in appearance and concept/personality/mannerisms.

    • davidludwig says:

      I suppose I should clarify that the “cool bubble of green” was just an avid reader’s description for the shade provided by the leaves of the forest around her.

  7. Llux says:

    Also, I’ve never encountered the phrasing of “2nd book shop,” I would’ve read it as opposed to a first book shop she had either been to or which was 2nd nearest from her house.

  8. Elsie says:

    The artwork is spectacular- I think it is not exactly realistic, but works for the story. I also like the current phrasing for the bookshop.

  9. Emilia Quill says:

    Love the art work and find Audrey interesting. Should have began reading these the moment I found your blog.

    “…haughty black cat”

    Are there any other kinds of cat XD

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