Horera blinked up into the bright sunshine. Daytime! Sneezing, she shook out her sleepiness and looked around eagerly. No children today? No orphanage? Horera took a long breath through her nose. Sunny field, grass, warm. Nope! No people. Field was open and empty. Forest was way out ahead. Breeze came from the forest and was cool with fresh water and shade.

Throwing off her clothes Horera took off through the warm grass on all fours, tail wagging happily. “Yip! Yip!”

Turning a tight circle, Horera launched herself up into the air to nip playfully at the sun. The sun was too far. Horera watched her ears still reaching up for the sun as she dropped back to the field. Then they flopped back down with her. She scratched her left ear with her left foot. Then Horera decided. Horera wanted to go fast.

“Yip! Yip! Yip!” Horera felt her fingers and toes dig into the dry dirt, pull up grass and throw it behind her as she ran full speed for the forest. Felt good.

It was nice cool as Horera sprang into forest and dodged trees! Uh-oh! Horera sat back hard and slid to a stop behind a leafy bush. Horera wasn’t alone anymore. Peeking out from behind the bush, Horera saw dark haired girl on white bench with big book. Girl smelled like paper. Book smelled like leather. And paper. But girl smelled like more paper than book. And water smelled cool and good. Horera licked her lips. Daddy said don’t be naked with people. Horera looked down and began picking dirt out of her toes. Clothes were back in field.

Ooo! No, clothes here! Horera excitedly noticed her clothes folded next to her. That nice. Horera put her clothes back on and crawled out of the bush toward paper-girl.

“Woof.” Horera politely announced her presence as she approached slowly.

“Oh! I, uh,” Paper-girl looked surprised, “I didn’t realize anyone else was around… Um, can you talk?”

Horera nodded and her ears swung in response, “Horera talk! Who you? Horera Horera.” Horera made clear last part by pointing at herself.

“Ah, my name’s Audrey.” Paper-girl pulled book on her lap. “Are you from around here?”

Horera snorted and shook her head, “Horera from not-here. Audrey from here?”

Audrey looked down at book, “Um, no. I’m not from here either.”

Horera nodded and crawled over to smell Audrey’s hands. Audrey lifted hands, not sure what to do. Horera knew. Horera put her head under Audrey’s hand and smiled up.

“Horera like Audrey.” Horera wagged her tail, “Friends now.”



4 Responses

  1. Glitterlady says:

    The the cat/wizard give Horera her clothes? where did they come from when she left them behind? Curiousness. Cute exchange though 🙂

  2. davidludwig says:

    I really like that not only do people wonder where the clothes come from, but you’re the second one to guess the cat/wizard brought them. Hang on to that interest, all is explained over the course of the story!

  3. Sarah says:

    Cute artwork! I really love Horera, she’s adorable. I can’t wait to read more from her perspective!

  4. Andy says:

    It’s very dog-like that Horera decides that they’re friends in a snap. And as I emailed you I really like the diction. ^^

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