“So, what’d you mean you’re not in the world you’re from?” Nadine asked Audrey.

Nadine smelled like flowers. Horera was pretty sure Nadine liked flowers. Probably had some. Audrey liked books and had big one. Playground was fun, but confusing. Slide was Horera’s favorite. Done playing now, so they all sat by water.

“You probably already think I’m crazy because I think this is a dream.” Audrey looked down, “I can’t explain what’s going on with me. Andromalus probably could, but he’s not here. He took me from my world to help him turn back into a human in his.”

Nadine put her chin on her fist, “I don’t think you’re crazy. I just don’t understand how you can travel between worlds. I mean, before the Reclamation, mankind was able to travel to other planets. But none of them were ever populated.”

“Fascinating.” Audrey pushed her glasses back up to look at Nadine, “So where you come from humans have actually been to other planets?”

“Sure. But it was a long time ago.” Nadine shrugged.

“Where I come from, humans have only actually landed on the moon. And Fantasia? I don’t think anyone there has even thought of the possibility of space travel.”

Horera cocked her head, “Moon very far?”

Audrey nodded with smile, “Yes, it’s very far. Though, Nadine, if technology is so advanced where you’re from, why do you carry a bow and arrows with you?”

Nadine twirled arrow on fingers and laughed, “Well, a lot was lost in the Reclamation. I can make my own arrows if I have to, but replacing gun cartridges could be pretty rough.”

Audrey frowned, “So they are for fighting…”

“Or hunting. Dual purpose.” Nadine shrugged. “I haven’t killed anyone if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Audrey looked away again, “Oh! No… Just, uh… Andromalus took me to fight these fire monsters in a volcano today, and I was just thinking how much I hated fighting. It was terrifying, and…”

Audrey sad. Horera crawled over and rubbed her head on Audrey’s shoulder. Audrey happy again, and pet Horera. Then Horera’s tummy gurgled!

“Growf!” Horera hung her head with hand on her tummy.

“Are you hungry, Horera?” Audrey smiled, still a little sad.

Horera nodded, “Growf…”

Audrey pursed her lips and set book down on other side from Horera. “Well… If I’m right…”

Then Audrey pull out picnic basket from behind back! Horera smell basket, even Nadine look interested.

“Go ahead and reach into the basket.” Audrey pushed glasses up again, “It should have whatever you want to eat.”

Horera reach in, and find barbeque turkey leg! Horera took a big bite, and tangy and spicy just like Daddy make! Horera wagged tail extra because too busy eating to yip.

“That some of the magic your cat’s teaching you?” Nadine smirked.

“Oh, no! I don’t know any spells nearly that useful!” Audrey shook her head, “I can pretty much just conjure little lights and sounds, and one basic attack spell. But I noticed before that this ‘dream’ seems to give us whatever we want when we think of it. You try thinking of something and then it’ll probably turn up where you’re not looking.”

“Hhmm…” Nadine reached behind her and pulled out a tray with teapot and three cups. “Tea-party?”



9 Responses

  1. Elsie says:

    good new post… will you elaborate on what the reclamation is?

    • davidludwig says:

      There will probably never be a full explanation of the Reclamation, but there should be enough information over the course of the story to piece it together if you pay attention.

  2. Glitterlady says:

    Horrea is a cute character. I am a bit more curious about Nadine’s history now. What exactly is her own world like? Still concerned about the living two lives without any actual rest, seems mentally damaging not to have the time for your unconscious to deal with conscious issues especially with a confusing event like being given a magic book and needing to learn how to use with the help of a talking cat aka wizard.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m a little confused… so they are all popping in and out of several worlds? What’s the time-frame on all this?

  4. davidludwig says:

    Each girl has her own world she’s coming from (which in Audrey’s case isn’t the world she’s from originally) and they come together in the garden. Each Thread covers a consecutive night. Hopefully most if not all questions will be answered over the course of the story though–and that having them isn’t too distracting?

  5. I really like the hints about reclamation – whets the appetite to find out more! Love Horera as a character too – she’s got an unusual voice. I was wondering, as she’s a beastling, if she wouldn’t see things differently/have different senses to the other girls? You know the way dogs and cats don’t have the same colour spectrum as humans?

    • davidludwig says:

      Main difference in Horera’s senses are things like her sense of smell being keener–and her sixth sense for that matter–but she does still have the normal spectrum aside from differences in acuity. Don’t forget to read the Flash fictions from Wednesdays as info about the Reclamation will also appear there as it did this week.

  6. Andy says:

    Ah-ha, so I was right about Nadine… Then Horera is getting even cuter, definitely cementing herself as a major source of cuteness and comic relief. I like the way she does the dog thing of noticing someone is sad and then nuzzling them in response. I also like the dream thing. I remember back when you were asking me about Lucid dreaming, I guess it was probably around the time you were righting this. ^^

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