Marshintire [mahr-shin-tahy-er] noun, verb, Marshintire-d, Marshintir-ing

1. An illustrator of sorts.
2. A sculptor of various materials.
3. A painter of a few select medium.
4. A hoarder of artisan crafts.
5. An artist.

1. To emblazon things excessively.

You can check out her amazing artwork for Lost Girls’ Society on this site!

3 Responses

  1. […] Marvelous Marshintire is doing the absolutely amazing artwork for the story posts–really, look at what I put up […]

  2. […] story page–and I’ve also added what will hopefully soon be the banner for the site to Marshintire‘s bio […]

  3. […] the burden of making the Monday/Friday post dates for the main story don’t fall unfairly on Marshintire (who is also very busy), and of course keeping up with this month’s Monday postings for the […]

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