Audrey had to look away as she was finally overtaken with giggles. Horera was wearing Audrey’s glasses and had just managed to open her eyes even wider in an attempt to see through them.

“Everything blurry!” Horera rolled her head around as the temples slipped down again, trying to keep Audrey’s glasses on her face.

Audrey caught her glasses before they fell and put a hand on either side of Horera’s head under her ears, “These go on…” the sides of Horera’s head were as smoothly furry as the top! “Oh! You, don’t have ears on the side of your head?”

“Horera ears here!” Horera perked up the ears on top of her head. “See better ears here?” Horera pointed at the sides of her head.

Audrey took her glasses back and returned them to her own face. “Well, it helps keep your glasses on. But I don’t think you need glasses, Horera.”

They were sitting by the pond in the garden again, but Nadine hadn’t shown up yet and Audrey was starting to worry where she was. Horera rubbed her eyes with her fists, “Audrey need glasses?”

Audrey nodded and pulled Andromalus’ spell-book back up onto her lap, “Yes. Just like my mum and dad, they both wear glasses too.”

“Hey, guys! Sorry I’m late!” Nadine came jogging up from the other side of the old playground.

“I was just about to worry.” Audrey smiled as she stood and hugged Andromalus’ spell-book to her chest.

“Wanwan.” Horera nodded happily with accompanying tail movements.

Nadine shrugged, “I guess it matters when we go to sleep for when we get here? I took a little longer falling asleep tonight.”

Audrey pushed her glases back, “Curious. I suppose that means, of the three of us, I tend to go to sleep first.”

“Anyway, should we explore the garden?” Nadine pulled some loose hair behind her ear, “There’s gotta be a way for us to enter each others’ worlds in case we need help.”

“Horera and Guisarme-san ready!” Horera nodded and stood up, flourishing a fang-like curved blade on the end of a metal pole.

Audrey took a step back in surprise, and even Nadine’s eyes widened slightly.

“Huh, what made you think of a weapon like that?” Nadine studied Horera’s guisarme.

Horera cocked her head. “Horera always have Guisarme-san. Daddy say always have Guisarme-san. Horera always have.”

Audrey pursed her lips, “In that case, perhaps even items we’d normally never be without only appear here if some amount of our awareness is on them…”

Both Audrey and Nadine’s left hands immediately went to the centers of their backs. Satisfied Audrey dropped her hand and Nadine moved hers up to scratch her head. Horera cocked her head to the other side.

“Well,” Nadine pointed back past the playground with her bow, “I’ve got a pretty good idea where I’ve come in every night. Let’s start there.”





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  1. Glitterlady says:

    Yay finally they are going to do something productive but what exactly is each one of their motives for wanting to go into the other’s worlds? And for Audrey… I thought she hasn’t been back to her world for a while and that when she wakes up she is doing magic and trying to save the kitty wizard’s world? Shouldn’t they be trying to find out what this lost girls society dream scape means or why they are in it? And again doesn’t being awake constantly from one world to the dreamscape get trying and difficult? They seem so peppy.

    • davidludwig says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Most of your questions are answered over the course of the story, so hopefully so far they are keeping you interested to learn the answers as opposed to distracting you? And you’re correct, Audrey hasn’t been back to her home world–though Nadine and Horera are sort of thinking of the kitty wizard’s world as Audrey’s since that’s where she is when she’s awake. Let me know if the flat-line problem from your last comment persists, because I am afraid Lost Girls’ Society is not as high octane an adventure as Niar Saga was.

  2. Sarah says:


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