“Umm…” Audrey meet eyes with Horera, “Horera, I was just wondering… How old are you?”

Horera had been going fast and come back, so Guisarme-san was in mouth. Horera come rest of way back and take Guisarme-san out of mouth. “Horera twelve!”

Nadine surprised, “What? You’re only one year younger than me? I thought you were like six!”

“Arf!” Horera shake head and ears, “Horera twelve!”

Audrey frown, push back glasses. “I suppose doglings are sort of like the gnomes I’ve met in Fantasia. Even when full grown you sort of look like human children.”

Horera thumped chest importantly, “Horera almost full big! Next grow maybe.”

“I’ve never met anyone like that back in Eden.” Nadine shook head.

Horera stop and look at Audrey, “But beastling not gnome. Beastling more big. Even catling more big gnome. Gnome only more big fairy.”

“Is this it?” Nadine look where Horera stop.

“Yap.” Horera nod, “This field Horera wake.”

Nadine crouch feel ground, then look around. “So, we can’t back-trace how any of us come into this world.”

“Horera dig?”

Nadine shook head, “No, let’s try going further out.” She point at dark forest other side field.

Horera put Guisarme-san back in mouth and take off all fours for dark forest.

“I-I don’t like the look of that forest.” Audrey step back, “I think, maybe we should stay closer to the pond.”

Nadine put arrow on bow, “Stay close to me, you’ll be fine.”

Horera slide stop, front of dark forest. Smell like dry rotting leaves… Some bad spots no air worse smell. Horera fur bristle. Bad things inside. Horera bark alarm after move Guisarme-san to front.

“What’s wrong, Horera?” Nadine ask, she and Audrey catch up. Nadine arrow still on bow, Audrey book open, early page.

Ground explode and super big plant monster attack! Guisarme-san pull plant up from bottom and cut in half after tripping. Nadine lots of arrows in other plant monster! Most in eyes, Horera not notice they have eyes. Audrey scream!

Third plant monster attack Audrey! Horera jump in way, hurting!

“Arf!” Horera whine and hit into tree.

Ardere!” Audrey shoot fire from hand and burn monster!






2 Responses

  1. Glitterlady says:

    Horera is auch an innocent cute character… sometimes hard to read from her point of view but still cute and after you get into it the flow becomes better. Or at least I read it better. Glad that they are actually doing something besides sitting around. Maybe there is a reason they are in this dream world and exploring it is on the path to discovering what their purpose is there.
    Good job!

  2. Andy says:

    It’s good to see some action, and I’ve been really liking the way you detail the dream world. All the little things that contribute to the sense of being there really make it come alive for me, like the time of arrival and the way they summon things by putting attention on them. I will say that this first fight scene read a little weakly because of the fact that it was in Horera-speak. I like Horera speak a lot, but the action was a little vague for it. I did like the comparisons between dogling and other smaller humanoids. And I liked the line “Horera almost full big. Next grow maybe.” A lot because of the flow, cuteness, and personality of it.

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