Finally Back!

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Mar 30 2014

Well… Someday I’ll be back on top of updating the site. Seriously, I’m making good progress on my other obligations that have kept me away and the end of a couple of them is in sight. Though, for now, no breath holding. Updates will remain rare for a while yet.

This one should have come in January, commemorating the success of the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter by WayForward–which also reached the Costume Swap Stretch Goal I was personally excited about. Not a lot more to say on that topic that hasn’t already been said in previous posts–though for anyone interested in a compelling platforming/exploration experience with cute characters, humor, attitude, magic and belly dancing WayForward is still accepting donations over at their website.

The cool thing about the Paypal option over at WayForward, is that it still counts toward reaching Stretch Goals for the completed Kickstarter campaign. You can basically pre-order the game for $15 on the platform of your choice (and there are a lot of options, enough to make good odds if you play video games you can get this one) and have that investment count toward getting even more content into the game for you and everyone! As of writing this we’re really close to the Hero Modes–which will add a whopping 3 additional playable characters to a series previously known for having 1. With enough investment we could even still see additional game chapters, full voice acting or way at the outside TV quality animated cutscenes!

The Harem and Pirate outfits were clear winners in the vote for which additional costumes the Lost Girls Society should try on–I made an executive tie-break to get Horera in Shantae’s pajamas though, because I thought it would be cute. Thanks to everyone who helped make the Costume Swap a reality!


My other news at this time concerns a lot of mobile gaming I’ve been doing in my free moments. Since last I wrote I’ve gone through some good like Royal Revolt 2 and Castle Doombad, some bad like Bloodmasque, and some ugly like Supreme Heroes and Guardian Cross. Mobile gaming has really changed the landscape of games, but at this point it seems like developers should be embarrassed they haven’t gotten their acts together yet for the most part. There are some brilliant gems out there (like Angry Birds before the addition of in-App purchases), and an overwhelming number that if they just got their pricing remotely under control could be games instead of garbage, but all of that will likely require its own post to discuss.

Given the opportunity I’d love to make a mobile game and show the market how it’s done, because as hard as it is, it really isn’t as impossible as the market currently makes it look.

One specific one I do want to call attention to now though is Square-Enix’s Deadman’s Cross. Yeah, the makers of such legendary role-playing games as Final Fantasy have a significant presence in the mobile market, and disappointingly they aren’t handling it any better than their competition from giants like Electronic Arts to random single person developers in their parents’ basement.

Deadman’s Cross is noteworthy in my opinion though, because it’s a mobile collectible game–or as I generally call them a Rage of Bahamut clone–and I swore I’d never play another one because I’d played enough to feel confident that there isn’t nor would there be a single good game in the entire genre. Deadman’s Cross looked intriguing enough to get me to revisit that position and actually give it a shot.

Square-Enix delivers on the quality of the writing throughout, and the art is fantastic as is the trend with the genre. What sets Deadman’s Cross (and its predecessor, Guardian Cross) apart from the field though are their hunt mechanics that introduce a real element of skill to getting new cards–which means that you can get better at the game and get increased benefits accordingly. On top of that there is actually an element of strategy to deck composition and card development, and no sign of the frustrating evolution system the rest of the field uses to hold players back.

Don’t get me wrong, they still fall short of being games–too much is out of the player’s control to really legitimately say that one ‘played’ these games so much as admired the artwork, but the hunt mechanics and compelling story do put Deadman’s Cross head and shoulders above the entire rest of the field and for now I am continuing to play it–or, admire the artwork anyway.

So if anyone with an iOS device or an Android one wants to see what Square-Enix can do in the mobile collectible market, I am currently recommending giving Deadman’s Cross a try (though stay away from Guardian Cross, Square-Enix had no idea what they were doing with that one, and polished the formula a lot for Deadman’s Cross).


If you do try Deadman’s Cross, please help me fill out my card/art collection and use my invite code when starting the game, UFV2RGC.

After using the code UFV2RGC you’ll need to get to level 5 in the game–which shouldn’t take much time or effort, and is a good way to develop your own opinion of the game–at which point you’ll get a limited Rare Card for using my code, and I’ll get to count the invite toward getting additional cards of my own.

If you’re willing to do it on multiple devices you can do so and have them count separately, though if you decide you like the game you may want to use your own invite code to help yourself along. Though I will advise against spending any money for Deadman Coins in the game until about level 10 or so, to be sure you really want to invest in the game. Once you are sure, the $13.99 Coin Pack is actually the first good deal after the initial $0.99 Coin Pack–so spend in increments of $0.99 or if you’re inclined $13.99 for best return, I didn’t do the math on the $49.99 Coin Pack, but the rest are actually poor deals.

And for good measure, my invite code again is UFV2RGC

Costume Voting!!

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Oct 31 2013

An unexpected bout of sickness right at the end of the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter prevented me from informing you in a more timely manner;

Shantae is funded AND the Costume Swap Stretch Goal was met!!

This is awesome news that I am more than excited about–and now you can be as well because it means that I will be doing another Lost Girls/Shantae drawing before Christmas (I want to say before Thanksgiving, but don’t want to over promise in case of bizarre delays like the aforementioned sickness). It will be in the style of the one I did in the previous Shantae: Half-Genie Hero post on this site. Not the quick sketch style I’ve thrown together for this one–though more quick sketches may also be forthcoming, we’ll see.

This additional image will, as promised, feature the Lost Girls in variant Shantae costumes that came up over the course of the Kickstarter campaign–though if I missed any or you have any opinions on which girl should wear which costume please say so in the comments section of this post. It wouldn’t be much of a celebration without other people involved.

It seems worth reiterating that the TOP 3 costumes from the poll will be used with each girl in a different costume–and that each voter may select 3 costumes before submitting their vote. There appears to have been an early hitch where multiple votes were registered for the Harem Outfit–and I may not count all of them since I can tell which ones came from a single voter. It’s good to see some excitement for at least one of the costumes though.

Though if you’re the person who posted all those votes for the Harem Outfit, it also looks like the poll may have prevented you from selecting additional costumes–so let me know in the comments here what your other two picks are if you have any.

If somehow you missed out on the amazing Kickstarter you can still swing by and see what it was about at the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter page, as well as dig through for what the costumes in the poll actually look like if the name I came up with isn’t descriptive enough. Or you can ask clarifying questions in the comments here.

And if you’re kicking yourself for not pledging to get in on this amazing project, for an as yet unknown amount of time you can still get in on it through Paypal over at Way Forward’s website. The game’s funded, so if you ‘donate’ $15 or more it’s basically like pre-ordering what will be an amazing game for cheap, and any donations at all can still count toward the unmet stretch goals (more story chapters, more playable characters, full voice acting, sweet animated cutscenes) and make the game even better for everyone.

Don’t worry if your comments don’t appear right away, I have to manually approve posters who haven’t been approved before and there are some days I don’t manage to get online. They will be seen, appreciated and as appropriate responded to.

Legend of Luth!

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Oct 01 2013

As promised, I have another game to promote this week–though don’t forget to read about Shantae: Half-Genie Hero in the previous post! This time it’s a smaller, more personal, and at present totally free text-based game. Also it’s a game that I’ve personally contributed content to.

Legend of Luth is my friend Andy’s creation, a virtual board-game with a strong RPG vibe based on an actual board game he made in his youth! You can find more information and some relevant links concerning Legend of Luth on Andy’s Facebook Page.

My personal contributions to the computer incarnation of the game include a lot of the monsters, some events and items, and even one of the starting characters! Above you can see my rendering of the character, though I recommend heading over to the aforementioned Facebook page or Lambda Creations, which serves as a repository for Andy’s various arts and I anticipate will be the long-term home for all things Legend of Luth.

Bear in mind the game is in a highly unfinished state at this time, but fully playable. This is a great time to get in early and watch the game develop, and it could be a fun diversion even in its current state. Eventually it’s going to be one of those games you get geek cred for being able to say you played the initial text version back when there were only 3 characters.

Also note that the game is intended to be a difficult single sitting game–there is no saving, and there’s a pretty good chance of things going wrong for you. Once you figure out the ins-and-outs of the game the current version is pretty easy, but there’s still a lot more to come and learning those ins-and-outs definitely has a curve to it.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to buy and use consumable items from the Shop. They aren’t necessary, but they help A LOT.


–regarding this site itself, I’m getting it cleaned up and dusted out, but with the months of neglect this is a long process, but there’s actually a pretty good chance of another post or two this year before the return to regular posts come January–

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

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Sep 25 2013

I don’t think I’ll be able to get back to regular updates this year, but this week at least I’m going to drive a couple shout-outs for worthy games through the built up digital dust so as to share them with people who hopefully will find the new posts–and possibly consider coming back in January by when I hope to be back to a regular update schedule. Bring your own digital dust mask in case of allergies.

Today’s game is actually in the process of raising money on Kickstarter right now! WayForward‘s “Shantae: Half-Genie Hero”!

I personally discovered the Shantae series through fan art in various corners of the internet, and the characters looked so awesome and lovable that I had to track down what they were from–as it turned out Shantae. Probably the quickest way to get up to speed on Shantae is this recent video from E-Heroes.

There are (sort of) three Shantae games to date. The original Shantae was for the Gameboy Color, which I never owned, and so I never got to play it. Though I did watch Brickroad’s Let’s Play series and am glad I did.

Eventually the charming and original series was graced with a sequel, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, for the Nintendo DS–which I also never owned–but then later ported to the iPad so that I could finally play a Shantae game! Granted, simulating a physical controller and buttons on a touch screen will always suck. Badly. Even if you’re as amazing and meticulous a company as WayForward. They did a good job of re-balancing the game to account for that problem, but who wouldn’t rather play the game as it was intended? Sadly, that just isn’t an option for me.
Still, I have greatly enjoyed being able to play the game at all–and for anyone interested it’s a free download in the App store as part of their promotion for the upcoming Half-Genie Hero.

The sort-of third game is Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse–which isn’t actually out yet. But it’s coming soon for the Nintendo 3DS, which I also do not have… I’m thinking I may have to finally get a real handheld system again to get a proper Shantae fix (and catch up on some missed Zelda titles while I’m at it).

But the game that’s prompting this post is the, thankfully funded, 4th Shantae game which would be for such home consoles as the PS3, WiiU, PS4, Xbox 360 and more! Thanks to PS3 on that list I’ll actually be able to play Shantae: Half-Genie Hero when it comes out without having to purchase a new system or settle for touch screen controls!

So here’s the part where I implore you to head over the WayForward’s Kickstarter campaign for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero and at least watch their cool video. If you like awesome stories with a little tongue in cheek, a lot of humor and original and endearing characters then I think you should pledge at least a little to their campaign just to be a part of something amazing. If you like gorgeous hand drawn animation and exquisitely executed classic video games then I really think you should pledge what you can to their campaign and get your hands on what is sure to be a real gem.

If you like both of those things like me and can spare $5 or more, then I don’t think there’s any excuse not to back Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

After some dance lessons from half-genie, Shantae, the Lost Girls’ Society is Ret 2 Go!


So here’s the state of things;

With over $400,000 raised already, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is happening. Pledge now and you’re guaranteed the reward for the level you pledge at.

There is still a little over a week left in the campaign, and with so many unmet Stretch Goals more pledges will still be able to make this project even better for everyone in very appreciable ways.

In particular I feel like we need to reach the $700,000 to get the Costume Swap stretch goal implemented!

So here’s my particular plea for reaching this goal; if the Shantae Kickstarter reaches the Costume Swap Stretch Goal then I will do another drawing of the Lost Girls’ Society belly-dancing in alternate costumes. I know my art isn’t that great, but there have got to be a few people who would like to see that–plus it’s another post this year.

There are plenty more costumes to choose from than just the Bikini, Ninja, and Switch Force, and I’ll take comments regarding which costumes people most want to see the Lost Girls in–which are free to include other Shantae costumes from the Kickstarter or its updates.

Now to clean through my backlog of comments from while I’ve been offline.

Motivation Monday Mixer

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Apr 08 2013

Please forgive the digital dust–things have been busy and I actually still don’t have time to bring the site back up to date as I’ve been meaning to. Eventually things will be cleaned up and a regular update schedule will resume, but for now I can’t even hazard a guess when that will be.

However, while I have a Monday free I will take advantage of it to submit an entry to Monday Mixer & Motivation Monday–hopefully they don’t mind the double submission, but even if they do it was a good exercise and fit in the time I had available.



If I could erase one memory it would be the caldera battle—a story carved clearly into my flesh. They say we glorious few stemmed the tide of destruction and saved the world, at terrible personal cost. I didn’t just lose my hand, my eye, or my friends. What you actually lose in a sweltering hopeless slaughter like that is an esoteric essence known only to old heroes.

Coming to the brasserie for frosty ale was a mistake. I put in public appearances when I can. I’m a symbol to the people—I remind them of those things they cherish in themselves, even though most days I have none for myself.

The raging burn of my right stump makes me truculent and ill inclined toward pleasantries. It’s time to return to my demesne, soak my keloids and imagine asking the smith to forge a sheath that didn’t rub so much.


150 words


12 Masque

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Jan 11 2013

Alright, I’ve signed on to the lovely Meg McNulty’s 12 Masque blog challenge. I’ll be around to read the others as soon as time permits.



“Do you see anyone you know yet, my dear?”

She looked up at the tall man crooning through the beak fixed below his dark goggles. All in black and smartly dressed he seemed some sort of lord in spite of his bizarre mask. Her hand drifted self-consciously to the white lace affixed around her own eyes, though she sensed everyone would disapprove if she removed it.

“I-I don’t see how I could… All these masks.”

“Ah,” the gentleman practically laughed. “You’re not still trying to look any deeper than that, are you?”

The din of the surrounding revelry was much too loud to think, and yet disturbingly not as loud as it should be for so many people. She felt stifled and isolated at the same time and it was driving her mad. Worst of all, she absolutely could not remember where she was or how she came to be there. Her hands made nervous fists around her practically bridal dress before politely smoothing it back out.

“Well, how could I recognize them without looking beneath the mask?”

“It’s easy! Here, start with that rogue by the punch bowl! What do you see?”

Reflexively her eyes wound their way through the horns, fangs and other facial facsimiles to the tiger-faced man sloshing the contents of the punch bowl over himself. A flock of bird faced women hung from him and seemed to absorb his inebriation.

“A tiger mas—“

“No.” the gentleman interrupted. “You already got it. No more than that.”

It was much too hot. She couldn’t breathe. Looking around she was relieved to discover she was already sitting, as she felt quite faint. Clutching at her chest she peered pathetically up at the tall stranger who hadn’t left her side in all the chaos of the masquerade.

“I’m so sorry, but where are we? How did I get here?”

He practically laughed again, “Can’t you tell?”

She clutched her stomach to keep it from expelling its emptiness. Unable to speak, she simply shook her head as tears damped her mask.

Kneeling to her side the beaked gentleman gently ran a leather gloved finger down her cheek.

“I’m sorry, my lady. I’ve drugged you and dragged you to hell. But do not worry, for it is but a dream, and come morning all will be as it should once more.”

Staring into her own face reflected in impenetrable black goggles the name of a kitchen boy she’d never paid any real mind bubbled from her throat.


Effortlessly he lifted her from her stupor and into his dark arms.

“Dance with me? Until dawn?”

She nodded and was swept away into the night.

New Artwork!

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Jan 07 2013

The big news is that the marvelous Marshintire has returned with fresh Lost Girls’ Society artwork for pages N5 and N6.

I’ll keep you posted as to when more comes, but for now have had a surprisingly busy Monday and require the sleeping.

I will say before signing off that with a record 19 votes in the last poll, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that collectively the votes for it being better to be “a hero” or “The Hero” actually surpassed “On the Evil side of the spectrum”–though not individually. I’ll be interested to see if the data holds up or even if as many votes can be attained a second time looking at the question from the other side.

Also, while I have begun my strategy guide for Arel Wars 2, don’t hold your breathes for it. Looks like this one is going to take a while.

Goodbye for This Year

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Dec 17 2012

So… I missed two updates last week. I didn’t think given my current circumstances the holidays would keep me from being able to post regularly, but turns out they will. So don’t expect regular posts from me again until January.

My focus through what’s left of December will be updating the site (the Gallery and Links pages need particular help) but I can now see that even someone as unimportant as myself has things to do around the holidays. Hope you all have good holidays, vote in the polls–which being automated will update even if I’m not able to get on–and see you in January.

Kingdom Royale

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Dec 10 2012

Well, as I get ready to buckle down and delve into Arel Wars 2–with the intention of writing the strategy guide as I go this time–it seems time to discuss other offerings by the company, Gamevil. Unfortunately, I don’t have much good to report. Arel Wars wasn’t nearly what it could have been–it should have been amazing but small easy-to-fix problems reduced it to okay, which is fine since the game was free, but I still wish it had been worth putting money toward since I would have very much liked to.

That said, as far as I’ve discovered Arel Wars is by far Gamevil’s best effort. Other of their titles I tried lacked even the promise that Arel Wars should have lived up to, and most of them were so bad they didn’t stay on my phone for even a day and thus don’t merit a review.

Kingdom Royale is an interesting middle ground, whose place on my phone is probably going after this review but managed to at least engage me for a time.

Kingdom Royale has an amazing design aesthetic to it–which sadly is all the further too many iPhone Apps seem to bother going–and in the vein of Arel Wars is an all out fantasy war game. I didn’t catch what the storyline was since they give you about one second to read a whole screen of text and I couldn’t find any way to go back to it–but I did catch that there was one and that seemed cool.

I’m not a great strategist, which is part of my chagrin at having to write the Arel Wars strategy guide, so simple effective strategies really appeal to me. In this regard I am very much a fan of Kingdom Royale’s double-layered Rocks-Paper-Scissors mechanic. In true RPG style, your units are defined by a combination of their race and class.

Orcs beat Humans, who beat Elves, who beat Orcs–but also Melee beats Range, which beats Magic, which beats Melee. That seems to me like enough to be really interesting to play with–say an Orc Melee unit against an Elf Ranged unit would be a fairly even match against each other or against a Human Magic unit, but reverse the classes in the first pairing and the Orc gets curb-stomped. Those sorts of mechanics are really fun for me to play with, and figuring out the troop roster to take into any given battle, who assign to guard duty and how many of each unit to keep in reserve makes me happy.

Even better, you don’t have to choose a faction when you play! All players have access to all three races and can produce and maintain troops as they see fit. I don’t mind having to choose a faction, and admittedly my play style heavily favors my elven units, but the completionist in me really loves the idea of being able to get everything–every unit, every structure–on a single play through. So I play elves whenever I can, but sometimes having exactly the right unit for any given job is immensely satisfying.

Now, Kingdom Royale is one of those resource oriented games where the passage of real time–whether you’re in the game or not–is required to build up the resources to build your structures and produce your units. That’s not an inherently bad thing to me, it can be nice to come back with a sense of progress after leaving your phone alone for an extended period.

Unfortunately I believe the actual implementation of resources in Kingdom Royale is one of its unforgivable gaffs. That’s right, I have good things to say about the game but this will not be a positive review over all.

The first three resources you work with are Gold, Wood, and Food. Gold is used in everything you do–and is proportionally easy to come by. Wood is used more heavily in the construction and improvement of structures and fortifications, while Food is significant to the production of units. All three of these resources are actually quite well handled–frequently used but easy enough to come by. Another thing the game does right is the general store in your secure home area where you can exchange one resource type for another if you need something other than what you’ve got in a hurry.

The next three resources I liked in concept, Sapphires associated with Human units, Amethysts with Elven units, and Emeralds with Orc units. These are a little harder to come by and later upgrades demand quantities that can be difficult to collect, but early in the game you can secure sources of Sapphires and Amethysts safe from seizure by other players so even if holding and taking ground against others is proving difficult you can still get the resources you need given enough time. No such luck with Emeralds. The first source of Emeralds is a little further in to the game, and is hotly contested enough I was never able to hold it long enough to have any pretensions about building any sort of meaningful force of orcs. I would have been fine with this, but even humans and elves start requiring some Emeralds once you begin producing 4th level units.

The final three resources are the ultra rare, Diamonds, Opals and “Crowns”–with the latter primarily being obtained by paying real world money into the game. The balance of supply and demand for these resources seems fairly reasonable to me, but I’ll never get far enough in the game to say whether this holds true to the end. I’ve got a sinking suspicion it doesn’t.

See, the difficulty of obtaining Emeralds–one of the core three gem types–throws the whole economy out of balance even before factoring the exponential price increases that far outstrip any sort of resource income I could envision having achieved.

I love the character design of the units, and find the sound from music to effects to voices spot on for the game. I even discovered that it is possible for a unit to gain experience and become more powerful–without you having to spend half a day training the entire unit type, or just buying the next level up of the race/class combination. This is an awesome touch that really lines up with my preference for developing an elite team with as few casualties as possible.

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that there’s virtually nowhere to train your units up. The storyline missions are all only played once before moving you on, and the enemies become stronger faster than your units can–and I have yet to meet a player who just offers up their fodder units for you to train on and then take their land. Also, when on offense–as you will generally be–your units can be killed and then are gone along with potentially the vast amount of resources spent producing the higher level ones.

Your main keep has a hospital where defense units, or offense units who weren’t actually reduced to zero health, can recuperate over time. If there were better odds on a unit being sent to the hospital rather than killed then even in loss a player could build their forces up and do better next time–but as it actually stands when you lose you lose big.

It is technically possible to alleviate the deficit of any resource (Emeralds being the prime offender) by building structures dedicated to harnessing that resource on a limited number of vacant land plots within your secure home area. Unfortunately, Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds and Opals all require Crowns to build their structures–unlike the others that can be built with in-game resources. Since the game never convinced me it was worth money, and I burned crowns on unit resurrections while I was still learning the game, getting a reasonable supply of Emeralds is out of the question for me, and thus so is advancing through the game.

The challenge curve is the last problem with the game I think is worth mentioning–because between the rapid scaling of challenges and the rapid scaling of costs I found it completely inconceivable that I could ever really get anywhere in the game. If the Player versus Player element happened on a separate map and resources gained on the regular map were retained, or if there were at least a secure source of Emeralds that would be different. But as is I reached the 12th area of Payro with the first real boss enemy and found that no combination of units I could produce could stand up to him without devastatingly high losses (Spoiler Alert: You have to fight him more than once in that area) that would take days of play for me to recuperate from.

So I was stuck unable to get the resources I needed to build up my forces, unable to advance the single-player storyline, unable to complete the side-quests (which advance in difficulty as rapidly as the core missions), and unable to defeat other players in such a way that I gained more than I lost. So at this point the only thing I can do is log in and collect resources from my safe sources, and that just isn’t fun at all.

The good news is that since playing the game is free, there’s no real reason not to try it for yourself and form your own opinion if you think it even might be different from mine–plus you can benefit from my folly and spend your crowns getting an Emerald mine in your home area rather than on unit healing/resurrection.

I give the game 3 of 5 stars–similar to Arel Wars. I’m certain there’s something there, I love the aesthetic and I definitely feel it actually is a game–I just can’t seem to find the way in to it. One difference is that Arel Wars could have easily been a 5 star game if they’d bothered fixing what I felt were obvious errors… Kingdom Royale could probably get up to 4 stars if they fixed their wonky resource availability/expense balance, but getting all the way to 5 would take serious work and require more story and character for me.

Time Slip

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Dec 08 2012

Whoa! How’d it get so late? I guess, technically, I missed my Friday update.

Still not much more to report of course, so here’s the short version for anyone interested.

My volunteer work is now back in full swing, I’ve been paired with a student for the Communities in Schools mentor program and have been reading to pre-schoolers through the Head Start and ECEAP. So those are good things to be doing, sometimes I don’t feel like I have the energy but it’s always great to see how excited those kids get to have someone listening to them and paying attention to them on a much closer to one-on-one ratio (though the reading groups have gotten a little large at times).

I have yet to resume writing the novel that I failed to complete for National Novel Writing Month–I really have no idea how time seems to be slipping away from me in such prodigious quantities, though I’m sure playing games on my iPhone is partially to blame.

Which of course brings us to the final point… I need some game time to maintain my sanity, though I’ll admit maybe not as much as I have been indulging in since the holiday season rolled around. Some of you may be aware of my Arel Wars strategy guide I wrote and posted to this site. That game badly needed a strategy guide, and I still find it a little sad I ended up being the one to write it–I’m sure other people are much better at strategy than I am.

Well, I’ve downloaded Arel Wars 2, and it doesn’t look like it has a good strategy guide available either–last I checked. So I’ve been putting off starting playing it, with the intention to actually take notes on my first play through this time and thus get the strategy guide done in half the time–theoretically. There’s a good chance that process will begin this month, and with the present goal of being done by February (though the timeline is subject to change once I actually play the game and see what I’m dealing with).

And, that’s about it for now. Have a good weekend!